I’ve been without internet access for almost two weeks now, since the base Temporary Lodging Facility(you us civilians call it a hotel) has a shocking lack of wifi.  Thanks to my friend Jenn, who let me sit in her backyard and use her wifi while she was out of town, I’m here to let you all know that our move has gone well so far.

The packers only took 2 days.  However, the movers took 14 hours, so the truck didn’t pull away from the house until 1:30 in the morning.  Good times.

Pumpkin Girl’s dance recital was a lot of fun and Phil and Boo had a grand time at Cub Scout camp.  Philip had his last day in uniform and we closed on our house.  Last night we sat along the Potomac and watched the fireworks, surrounded by good friends. This morning we said goodbye to our church family and the parish where our children received a total of 5 Sacraments.  The nice thing about Philip being in the choir was that we sung all of our favorite songs during mass.

Tomorrow we head out on a four day journey to our new home.

It’s  a surreal experience, saying good bye to friends and to the Army, but knowing we’re saying hello to our first home and civilian life.

I can hardly wait!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I’m a little teared up. Probably because the saying good-bye thing is so fresh, but I can only imagine the feelings you are having right now. I have to admit I’m a bit SCARED. . .we are only 3 short years from retirement if we so choose. YIKES. You’ll have to mentor me through the process.

  • Ahhh…no wonder I knew all the songs in Mass. I thought after a year of going I was getting pretty familiar with the songs. Hahaha. We have had the best year getting to know your family. God speed on your journey to start the next adventure in your lives. I’m glad one of us won’t be moving anymore. We know where to find you now and we will visit.

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