All’s Well That Ends Well

I really should know better than to make plans.  God always seems to intervene and our first day on the road was no different.

First, we overslept, then took longer to load the car than we’d planned, leaving an hour late.  We took it stride and gleefully called out goodbye’s as we passed the landmarks of our lives.

“Goodbye, Bolling AFB”
“Goodbye, poopoo plant!”
“Goodbye, Wilson Bridge!”

And then I promptly headed us in the wrong direction as I navigated Philip through the 95/495 split.  And again as I sent us on the toll road through Pennsylvania.  Oops.

Meanwhile, the human resources department from Philip’s probable employer finally called while we were on the road  and made him an official offer, so he called them back while we stopped for lunch.  This delayed us another 30 minutes.

And then, during a midafternoon potty break, Pumpkin Girl discovered that it hurt when she peed. Then within 5 minutes had to pee again.  Which hurt even more.

Great ooglie booglie.

So while we gassed up, I got on the phone with our “insurance” company who informed me that I needed a written referral from our doctor to be able to go to an urgent care place, or sit in an ER all night.  R-i-g-h-t.  Government health care at its finest right there.  Coming to a home near you.

My original thought was to keep calling back until I got a better answer when I realized that Wright Patterson AFB was right along the way and we could stop at their ER.

Which we did. Two and half hours later, we were back on the road, meds in hand, and arrived at our final destination for the day 30 minutes later.

11:00 PM.  Five hours later than planned.

But all’s well that end’s well.  By the end of the day we’ll be halfway through our trip and Pumpkin will be feeling much better.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • ((((Lorri))))
    May you arrive at your new home better than when you left your old one! I LOVE your blog!

  • Oh, poor Pumpkin! I just finished a uti and it brought memories of my first one when I was a tender age… we were traveling. Yay for medicine.

  • AGH! Not exactly the start you were hoping for in your new civilian life. I hope Pumpkin recovers quickly, and the rest of the drive goes smoothly.

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