Pikes Peak or Bust

You will be happy to know that the rest of our journey west was uneventful, boring even.   From Ohio we got to Missouri and stopped for the night and a swim in the hotel pool.  The next two days droned on as Missouri turned into Kansas turned into Colorado. Hundreds of thousands of miles, or so it seemed, of endless farmlands.  Corn, corn and more corn.  We were focused on our goal, so we resisted the temptation of stopping to see the World’s Biggest Big Mac, the World’s Biggest Prairie Dog, or the World’s Biggest Van Gogh. However, we did ponder the ability of the World’s Largest Prairie Dog to eat the World’s Largest Big Mac. Finally we turned off the interstate and headed southwest, with Pike’s Peak barely visible in the distance.  Colorado slowly began to distinguish itself from Kansas as the Rocky Mountains grew larger and at last we reached our new hometown.

As we made the final turns to our new home, my heart started to beat faster.  It still seemed a bit surreal to be going home- our home – for the first time.

And so here we are.  We’ve seen 7 deer, 2 were in the dry creek behind our house, 3 were in the park across the street and one was in the grocery store parking lot.  Apparently there are coyote in the bluff behind the park, and black bears are not unheard of.  The children have already put a hole in the hammock we bought from the previous owners.

The new roof that the previous owners are paying for is taking like 4 times longer than it should, but at least it’s getting done.  We had the carpets deep cleaned and discovered that they are actually a lighter color than we’d thought!  We also got the locks changed and the cable set up.  All that we need now is our actual furniture and that will arrive on Friday.

The other evening we sat on our deck and enjoyed the cool mountain air.  An occasional breeze stirred up the Aspen trees behind our house and it all felt so right.

It’s good to be home.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Congragulations! I’m glad you guys made it there safely. Jesse’s been asking when you’re coming to visit so we can all go to DisneyLand. I told him I would ask. Give my love to everyone! Love you guys! 😉

  • None of the things you describe…. The kids putting a hole in the hammock, the roof taking much longer than expected suprised me.

  • Sounds like home to me. Are you going to let the kids decorate their own rooms? Tell them their cousins are more than willing to give them suggestions.

  • Oh Lorri! How very exciting! I am over the moon for you. I can just imagine the excitement and happiness of exploring. I just can’t wait to get there next month for the tour. Oh, it will be so good to see you all, and see your new hometown. Congratulations, and may this find you enjoying God’s blessings.

  • I just discovered your blog and look forward to reading it! I just wanted to chime in and say Welcome to Colorado – I am about 30 miles south of Colorado Springs. If you need any local info, let me know!

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