End of an Era

It would surely be some type of crime if I did not tell you that today, right now as I type (Sept 30), is Philip’s very last day in the Army.

I was there with him from the beginning, on the day he was commissioned.  I kept the homefires burning and the post office busy during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  We moved 10 times, to 8 different states (we hit some of them twice) and one foreign country.

He was a tank platoon leader, basic training company commander, intelligence officer, mentor and friend.

He jumped out of airplanes, presided over a court martial, worked on the Crisis Action Team at the Pentagon after 9-11, and brought to life a global satellite communications network.

He earned his spurs, the Order of St. George, a Bronze Star and the Legion of Merit.

It’s been quite a ride.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Wow. Thank you, all of you, so much for such a distinguished career, willingness to serve and dedicate so much of your lives to the service of our country.

    You guys have given way too much, and I’m glad for you that the ride, as wonderful and terrible as it has been, is over.

    May HIS blessings be upon all of you as you begin the next chapter, the newest ride, and may the coming era not ask as much of you as the last. (((hugs & prayers)))

  • You both deserve our thanks and our congratulations, but at this moment I am more impressed by the fact that you do not look old enough to have been married during the Gulf War!

    Best wishes on this new phase of life!

  • Congratulations on a great Army career–both of you! Keep us posted about that whole civilian world, it is coming soon. . .

  • Please tell him a great big huge THANK you for servng our country and helping keep us safe!!!! He has made tremendous sacrifices…you all have!!

  • I’m so grateful to your husband for all his hard work and sacrifice, being away from his own family and comforts of home, AND to you and your family for graciously lending him to the service of his country for all this time. May God bless him in his civilian career.

  • Wow~
    My prayers and thoughts to you and your family as you get to know and meet new friends in CO. (I once lived in Denver and my dad lived in Boulder and Arvada CO.

    My thoughts and prayers also for your the healing of your broken and aching heart in regards to your precious Rebecca!


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