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How are your holiday preparations going?  I don’t mind saying “holidays” instead of “Christmas” because there are many celebrations at this time of year, which include the Feast of St. Nicholas, St. Lucia Day, the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Guadalupe and continue through New Year’s Day and Epiphany.

This time of year can be so wonderful, the beauty of the decorations, the thrill of impending presents and the love and joy that abounds everywhere.   But all that happiness and love and togetherness can be very difficult for those of us who have lost a child.

The phrase, “at least we’re all together” rings hollow when a child is missing from the gathering.  All that merriness can be a bunch of bah humbug when your heart is broken.  And all that talk of a child being born – ack, can it get any worse?

This coming Sunday, December 13 is the annual Worldwide Candle Lighting to remember the children who have died.

I would like to invite you all to participate.  At 7 PM local time on December 13, just light a candle and keep it burning for one hour.  In this way, we can create a wave of light for 24 hours to remember the children.

I ask you to do this for me, to remember our Rebecca.  When you do, please say a prayer, not just for me, but for all the families who have been left behind.  Please remember especially, those families who have lost a child this year.  Please also pray for those who do not have a faith to rely on, or who have turned away from God in their grief.  But lastly, please thank the Lord for those children who, though they stayed with us too briefly, brought us immense joy.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I find myself feeling self-conscious when I say “holiday” rather than Christmas even though I too am referring to several holidays including Christmas… all this “keep Christ in Christmas” is making me crazy. :)

    I’ll try to remember to light the candle Sunday. We had a very sad thing happen at our church just a couple weeks ago… during worship team practice on Saturday afternoon the daughters of one of the singers were playing in the balcony… running and sliding on the floor and the little one just slid head first under the railing of the steps going down!! She went through to the landing about 6 feet down. They spent 2 hours driving around to try to find a hospital that could help her. :( So sad. She died the next day. She was 23 months.

    I have never lost a child, but I can imagine the emptiness that those left behind feel. May God wrap you in His unfailing love.

  • Thank you for the reminder. We will have a candle burning for your Rebecca, our little neice Hope, and all childre called home too early by our earthly standards. Time may dull the daily pain, but as you know the scab can be pulled off so quickly. Sometimes without notice. Always praying.
    On a side note I want to commend you and Phil for the wonderful example you give for those who grieve. Not that this is a title you would ever hope for. My point is this: If you can walk the path you have, and still have faith. . .well, that says a lot. You do, and you live it out each and every day. Thank you.

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