Seemingly Unrelated

Pumpkin Girl finally started piano lessons again.  After searching long and hard (or really just avoiding the issue), I found a very nice homeschool graduate working his way through college. Unfortunately, our music room now looks like this:


We had our very last household goods shipment arrive last week and we’re slowly working our way through it.

I was in the shower when the household goods arrived and saw them for the first time as I came downstairs.  I was happily distracted by all our long awaited storage stuff and, well…I stepped into air.  I did something to my ankle, not a sprain and probably not broken since I could walk on it, but it was definitely painful.  I had to stop wearing my favorite Dansko shoes and be extra careful picking my way through all the snow, lest I reinjure myself.  My ankle hurt for so long that I was starting to wonder if I should go have it x-rayed in my spare time (ha!), and then  I caught a cold.

Not just any cold, but a breathe-through-your-mouth, cough-up-phlegm, and update-your-will, kind of cold.  At the end of the last two days I was completely. wiped. out.  I went to bed hours early.  And lo and behold, I woke up this morning with my ankle feeling almost completely better.  Full range of motion, no more stabbing pains.  I guess it just needed a rest.

So feeling able to walk again, we went to the mall and I got my hair cut.  I came home and immediately had Philip take a picture.   It doesn’t really show off the cut, but pretend it does and tell me it’s cute.


In review:

Music room full of boxes
I fell down the stairs
I caught the mother of all colds and took to my bed
Rest made my ankle feel better
Better ankle meant a trip to the mall
I got a haircut
Comments are required requested optional but encouraged on how cute I look.
Thus, my story of seemingly unrelated events comes to an end.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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