Mad About the Mouse

We’re a little crazy for Disney around here.  That’s putting it mildly.

It seems that everywhere you look in our house, you can find that iconic Mouse in red, black and yellow.

rsz_dsc02313On the floor near the boys’ room.

rsz_dsc02314Waiting to play.


rsz_dsc02330In the kitchen.

mickey-watchOn my wrist.

So that after awhile, we start seeing Mickey everywhere!

mickey-carDoesn’t this car look suspiciously familiar?  Go ahead, scroll up to my watch…and back to the car.  You see it, too!

I’d say we need help, but we refuse to admit that we have a problem.

But if you’d like to stage an intervention, may I suggest holding it at the Disneyland Hotel?

(And let’s not even mention what’s going on in the bathroom…)

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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