Wishful Thinking

You know what I’d like?

A Day to Do Nothing.  A day not to have to worry about anyone or anything, no cooking, no cleaning, no teaching.  A day with no agenda.  I’d like a whole day to just do what I want to do, without feeling like I need to get something accomplished with my free time.  I’d like a day without “I really should…” going through my head.  Not the kind of day when you look back and are frustrated because nothing got done, but a day with no guilt.

And you know what else I’d like?

Right after my Do Nothing Day, I’d like a Highly Efficient Day.  Again without the cooking or teaching, but I’d have a long list of to-do’s that I’d accomplish.  All those little things that pile up because other, more important things get in the way.  I’d like to unpack those last two boxes and tidy up the office, move some furniture around, tackle the linen closet and…

Alas, it’s all wishful thinking.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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