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Too Busy
Butter Bell
Things I Love: Kitchen
Bip Prays
Boy Becomes a…Boy Scout

Too Busy

I’ve got way too much on my plate at the moment.  I need to take a break from the ol’ blog for 10 days or so.  When I return, I need to update my blog design (but come on, how cute is that big, fat snowman?) and then I’ve got some posts lined up for you.

So until then, have a blessed Holy Week and a joyous Easter!

Butter Bell

KC over at The Cabbage Patch asked me about my butter bell.  I got mine at a kitchen store, but I’ve seen them in kitchen goods catalogs all the time.  The website for the company is The Official Butter Bell Store.

Here’s the lid and the base, sitting next to each other.
rsz_dsc02523The lid, on the left, holds the butter.  That’s the part I usually put on the table at dinner time.  The base, on the right, has just a little bit of cold water in it.  You change out the water every 2-3 days and the butter stays fresh, yet soft.

I have 2 pieces of advice – First, let the stick of butter warm up a bit before stuffing it into the lid.  And Second, wash the lid before adding a new stick of butter.  Otherwise it develops pink spots and a not so pleasant smell.

Things I Love: Kitchen

rsz_dsc02459I recently got one of these Butter Bell things. You load the lid with butter and put a little cold water in the base and the butter stays fresh, soft and spreadable. Change the water every couple of days and all is well. Mmms, soft butter on homemade bread.  Bliss!
rsz_dsc02462I got this idea from my friend Tami.  She puts her dishwashing liquid in an oil carafe thing.  The name completely escapes me at the moment.  Anyway, it looks so much better sitting near the kitchen sink than that bottle of soap.  I happen to have a window behind my sink so the light shines through and makes it even prettier.  Tami has good taste and I copy her as often as I can.


Ok, so this isn’t in my kitchen, it’s on my front porch.  But what  you find inside it does end up in the kitchen.

rsz_dsc02464See?  This is the best milk ever, at least according to my children.  The first day they tried it, they declared they like it better than our regular stuff.  It’s hormone and antibiotic free, not raw but not ultra-pasteurized either AND it’s cheaper than the milk at the commissary. Bonus points because the empty bottles go back in the box to be sterilized and reused.  (Does that make it green milk? Ha, Ha!  I crack myself up!) Plus, it is so much fun having a milk man, even if his truck does sometimes wake me up by idling in front of my house at 4 am.


Look who joined our family!

rsz_dsc02465This is Mittens and Cinnamon, our new kitties.  In this picture they are taking refuge between the commode and the wall.

rsz_dsc02483Mittens is the mama cat and she is 2 years old.  She’s very sweet, very soft and doesn’t seem to mind all the people who need to pet her.

rsz_dsc02470This little puff ball came to us without a name and the children decided to call her Cinnamon.  She is a Fierce and Powerful Fighter, who likes to make sure that the curtains are properly subdued.  She’s still not too sure about us, but we manage to catch her and love on her anyway.

We had to drive halfway to Kansas, or so it seemed, to get the cats from Pumpkin Girl’s piano teacher’s family.   We’ve been wanting to get a cat since we’ve stopped moving and it worked out nicely that we could get a kitten and her mama.  It’s nice having cats in the house again, especially these two.  They are slowly getting used to all of us, but they’ve really taken to Pumpkin Girl.  She likes to find their hiding places and read aloud to them.  She spends practically all her free time with them, so they’ve grown to trust her in particular and have moved into her room.  She couldn’t be happier!

Bip Prays

“Bless Lord, the people at Disneyland, because we want to be there, too.”

“Thank you for this nice house, which is better than a hotel, because you don’t have to be so quiet, because when mom and dad are watching tv, they are downstairs, but at a hotel they are really close.”


Boy Becomes a…Boy Scout

Last week Boo crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. It was bittersweet, not so much in that he is growing up and moving on, but because he did so in a different pack that he started scouting in.  During the slide show of the new Boy Scouts’ years as Cubs, none of the pack’s pictures contained Boo, and all of Boo’s pictures had his friends from D.C.  I was struck by how much I miss that old pack, where everyone knew each other, saw each other almost daily and lived just down the street.  One year, every boy on Boo’s soccer team was also in his Cub Scout pack.  Good times.

But we’ve moved on, both literally and figuratively.

Here’s my Cub Scout, one last time…

(Sorry, picture deleted after somebody put it on pinterest without my permission.)

Every boy in his den earned the Arrow of Light – the highest achievement in Cub Scouts, and the only award that can be carried over and worn on the Boy Scout uniform.  A tradition in our Colorado pack is that as each Arrow of Light recipient’s name is called, an Eagle Scout  shoots an arrow into a target.

Here goes Boo’s arrow.


The scouts got to keep their arrow.  Boo’s was the only one that hit the bull’s eye.


Another pack tradition is the parents making a shadow box commemorating their son’s Cub Scout years.


Here it is close up.


And finally it was time for the boys to cross the bridge into manhood.  Or Boy Scouthood.  Whichever.


They were greeted at the other end by the boys in their new Boy Scout troop and given their new neckerchiefs and slides.

A new Boy Scout!


Back at home, Bip and Pumpkin Girl put on his new epaulets.


We had one final presentation for him.  The Den Leader from our D.C. pack made all the boys an arrow using rocks, sticks and feathers from their summer camp.  He made sure that Boo got one, too and it arrived right before the Blue and Gold ceremony.


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