Well, sort of.  I’ve got an updated blog code, but I’ve still got some CSS code to tweak.  Which means, if you have a gravatar, it’ll now show up when you leave a comment.  If you don’t have one, the code gnomes will generate a silly monster for you.  I’m hoping that whatever quirk was not letting my centered pictures  be centered is fixed. I also need to update my favicon (it’s that little graphic next to my URL).  Plus,I don’t know why my calendar in my sidebar doesn’t fit, or has little squares around the days of the week and I don’t know how to fix it.  Maybe I can figure it out, but as my friend JennG would say, “Not today, Zurg.”  (I wonder if her secret identity is Buzz Lightyear?)

What I would really, really like to know is how to get graphics in my sidebar to replace the text headings.  It can be done on other platforms,  like Blogger but since I own my domain name and use WordPress, I’m on my own in figuring these things out.

But since my head is swimming in code and I really  need some lunch, it’ll have to be good enough for now.

But that chocolate bunny in the grass is back in my header!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • This is why I have to stay on blogger. I don’t have time to learn the codes! Also, I probably don’t have the aptitude to learn the codes, but that is another matter. I like the bunny.

  • OMG! A shout-out! Was this a test to see if I’m still checking in with your blog? 😉 “Not today, Zurg” sums up the life of a busy mom…particularly if your autistic son LIVED Toy Story for, oh, four or five years.

    Nice to see your spring look back! Code-shmode.

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