What Legos Do At Night

No doubt you’ve seen Lego mini-movies all over the web, but I think this one is my all-time favorite.  If you’re a “Les Miz” fan, you’ve got to check this out.  It’s one of my favorite Les Miz songs to sing.  I usually sing the part of Enjolras (he’s the brunette in the video with the red shirt and big sword).  I know I’m a girl, but I’m also part French and I’ve got leadership issues. As in, I’m always trying to be the one in charge.  And people actually follow me.  Scary.  The Mac and Cheese Chronicles, coming to a barricade near you.

So, with no further silliness…

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • This is great! Would you believe that I’ve read the Les Mis book & listened to the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre presentation, but have never seen the musical?! The music is gorgeous!

  • One thing is for certain, if you leave one on the floor at night, there will be at least 15 there in the morning – they multiply like Cheerios.

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