I had hoped to make  Major Announcement here last week, but that and every other blog worthy moment in my life was preempted by The Sick.

For the last three weeks we have had pretty much every viral symptom known to man.  Headache, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, aches, chills, fever, congestion, runny nose and crying.

I’m the one doing the crying.

Even though each symptom we’ve had has been pretty mild, someone in the family has had at least one on any given day.

We’ve missed soccer practices, soccer games, religious ed classes and today Bip and I even missed church.  And if you’re Catholic, it’s a Very Big Deal to miss church.  But for the whole hour between when I woke up and the rest of the crew left for mass, I sneezed and coughed and blew my nose.  This was one of those times when having the man be the spiritual head of the house is such a blessing.  Man said, “stay home,” so I stayed.

I’m sure the congregation of mothers with small children, older people, and children with upcoming sports games, recitals and First Communions were glad I was not there to share the love.

I’m not a good patient, either.  I despise being sick. I don’t lie there and quietly recover.  Nope.  I turn into Crabby McCrabbypants, wishing for death in one breath and taking it back with the next. I get very hard to please, then weepy because I’m being difficult. Cooking and blogging and other necessities fall the wayside when I’m sick. It’s not pretty.

So until further notice, this blog is on hiatus.  Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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