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Just some random thoughts since I can’t seem to put enough together to make a whole post.

*Being pregnant with your fifth at age 40 is much different than being pregnant with your first at 28.  Though I think it has less to do with my age and more to do with the current batch of children who need to be schooled, fed and chauffeured.

*We tried to determine the gender of the baby today.  We saw two arms, two legs, a face, a two-hemisphered brain and could even count fingers and toes.  Baby even waved happily at us…and kept his or her little ankles crossed.  We poked and prodded, but that little one would not give up his/her secret.  I’m not quite 18 weeks yet, so it was a long shot, but now it’ll be another 4 weeks until my next appointment.

*Is it possible for cats to be moody? Not just normal cat aloofness, either.  I mean like, being all, “love me, love me, scratch my head, give treats, love me…”, purring just at the sight of you, weaving in and out of your legs one week, then all walking away as you get close and giving you the stink eye the next week?  Our still-not-spayed mama cat is like that.  Could she be hormonal?  We do plan on getting her fixed, we just want to give her time to adapt to being taken away from the only home she’s ever known.  You know, before subjecting her to major surgery.

*Speaking of cats, I found the perfect way for Pumpkin Girl to keep her room clean!  The cats live in her room.  Their food and litter is in the bathroom across the hall, but they spend most of their time with her.  She reads aloud to them and cuddles them and pampers them like the little goddesses they think they are.  Plus she has a giant window seat in her room where they can perch and look down upon humanity.  Anyhoo, as a result, her room gets a little furry.  So every other day she has to clean everything off of her floor and vacuum.  Plus, she is learning that anything that she leaves out is fair game for the cats to attack, scratch or nibble.  I’ve never seen her room look so good for so long!

*I’ve never seen an episode of “Lost”.   I didn’t care for “24”.  Thus, my life continues as normal this week.

*I downloaded a bunch of ’80s songs on iTunes, and then rediscovered my CDs.  I already owned most of those songs.

*Phil was complaining that he’d put on some weight (bringing him out of the “skinny” category and into “normal”).  Pumpkin Girl blithely told him, “Don’t worry, Daddy.  Everyone gets a little winter blubber.”

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • We just adopted a mama cat and her two kits…Well, so a week before we took them home, the rescuers had them all fixed. The Mama cat went through a real funk that lasted about two weeks (a week with them and then another with us). We were all afraid that she had changed forever. The personality shift was pretty dramatic. Thankfully, she seems to be getting back to being the kitty we first met (before the spay surgery). While riding the tide of moody kittihood, I read that in unspayed cats more affectionate girl cats might be that way because of their amorous hormones…and once spayed might decrease some in their affection seeking behaviors. Then other sources would say the surgery would make no difference at all…I find that hard to beleive.

    Oh and Congratulations on the new baby!

  • I like the winter blubber line, too funny.

    So baby #5 is a little mysterious, I love it! (You know me, the fun is in the suspense.)

    Since I’m a dog person, I can’t help you out with the cats. However, I do love that it helps Pumpkin Girl keep her room clean. The fish we have do nothing of the sort.

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