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Recovery Mode
Oops, I Did It Again

Recovery Mode

We went on a cruise last week, did you miss me?  My in-laws decided to take their three children and their families on vacation with them, so off we went, all 14 of us.  It was a good vacation, even if we went to the Mexican Riviera in the summer and my sister-in-law looked at my belly and asked if I was having twins.

Here’s me and my belly with my two oldest children in Cabo San Lucas.

Boo had a spectacularly good time since he stayed in a stateroom with his two uncles and his boy cousin, who is also 11 years old.  We dubbed their room, “The Man Cave”.  I felt sorry for their female room attendant.

Pumpkin Girl was thrilled to have a rock climbing wall on board. She even entered the children’s rock climbing contest and came in 4th – behind three 11 year old girls! Here she is, on her way to the top:

During our days in port, Bip went to the kids’ club.  It was actually his choice and it seemed a little strange to leave him behind while we went ashore, but it was a good decision.  It was hot and humid and all we did was walk and shop.  He would have hated it!  Instead, he got to play games and have fun and eat pizza for lunch.

But now we’re home and in recovery mode.  Laundry is done and suitcases are put away, now we’re trying to get back to normal.  Ballet classes have started back up again and I seriously need to see about getting some school done.

Oops, I Did It Again

Do you know what the temperature is at the weather station just two blocks from my house?

100.6 F

Yeah, baby.

Though the official city temp right  is 96.  So now who’s all smug about living in the foothills with the view and the woods and the creek, and not on the other side of I-25, which is the hot and dry plains.

Did I mention I don’t have air conditioning?

Did I mention I’m pregnant?

Yeah.  Yay me!

It’s a well established, scientific fact that where ever I live will experience immediate, catastrophic and record breaking heat.  If I’m pregnant, it’s even worse.

So here I sit, sweating it out, feeling slightly nauseated and cursing the day we moved into Pioneer House.  Really – who doesn’t have air conditioning in this day and age?

I closed all the windows at 8:45 this  morning in a vain attempt to keep the cold night air in.  I banned all use of the oven or the stove until the situation gets better.  I’m willing to slip the a/c guy an extra $2000 in cash under the table if he’ll move us up to the top of his two week waiting list.

I can’t believe I did it again.

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