Oops, I Did It Again

Do you know what the temperature is at the weather station just two blocks from my house?

100.6 F

Yeah, baby.

Though the official city temp right  is 96.  So now who’s all smug about living in the foothills with the view and the woods and the creek, and not on the other side of I-25, which is the hot and dry plains.

Did I mention I don’t have air conditioning?

Did I mention I’m pregnant?

Yeah.  Yay me!

It’s a well established, scientific fact that where ever I live will experience immediate, catastrophic and record breaking heat.  If I’m pregnant, it’s even worse.

So here I sit, sweating it out, feeling slightly nauseated and cursing the day we moved into Pioneer House.  Really – who doesn’t have air conditioning in this day and age?

I closed all the windows at 8:45 this  morning in a vain attempt to keep the cold night air in.  I banned all use of the oven or the stove until the situation gets better.  I’m willing to slip the a/c guy an extra $2000 in cash under the table if he’ll move us up to the top of his two week waiting list.

I can’t believe I did it again.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • When I moved to San Mateo, I gutted it out for about 2 years before I bought a portable AC units ~ 10,000 BTUs and stuck it in my study. It’ll drop the temperature from ~ 90 to about 78, something both my computer and I can live with. One of those suckers cost around 400-500 dollars and can be setup in a matter of minutes.

    For example.


    See you this weekend.

  • Okay-my anti-spam word is bliss. ..kind of ironic. This is definitely not a bliss post.

    For days I’ve been envying your heat, as I sit here in the 50’s with rain. But 2 + weeks of heat without air, not so much fun.

    Please move next to me in Washington. No storms, low temps, and if you brought a heat wave, I have a/c!

  • We have one of those portable a/c’s that John mentions above for our game room. Kids love it and it’s not to expensive to run. Definitely a good investment!
    Praying you get some relief and two weeks goes QUICKLY!!

  • It is past the middle of June already and today it is finally hot enough to go swimming. We have been praying for hotter weather and have been envious the 90 degrees, we had to wear a sweatshirt yesterday. But, we are blessed with air conditioning and that makes all the difference. It cost a lot of money to install, I would not imagine life with out it. When we were first married we had a window unit, and even that was better than nothing! Hope it gets better for you!

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