A couple of Important Announcements that I’d appreciate you reading.  I’m not normally that bossy, telling you what to read and all, but these are worth your time.

1.  I changed my blog feed. I would never in a million years do this, but I had no choice.  For now, everything seems to be redirecting correctly and my posts are going out as always.  But there’s an off chance that the internet will reboot itself or something and the old feed will no longer work.  If you notice I haven’t posted in a while, it may be because you  need to resubscribe to my blog.  You can do this by going directly to my blog, where you will find at least 2 links to subscribe.  One is at the very top of the page, on the right.  The other is the very last thing on my sidebar.  Or you can click this link right here:  Subscribe to The Mac and Cheese Chronicles.

2.  What is a feed? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain. If you have more than about 5 blogs that you like to read, you should be subscribing to them.  You do this by looking for something on the blog that says “subscribe to…” and clicking on it.  Then all new posts will be sent to the feed reader of your choice, just like email.  I use Google Reader.  If you only read a couple of blogs, you may also have the choice of having new posts delivered to your email.  You can do that on my blog by following the subscription links described above and you will be given the choice of subscribing by email.

3.  Speaking of email…I now have a very handy contact form.  See over there in my sidebar, the little guy with a slingshot and envelope?  Click him to shoot me an email, if you want to say more than a normal comment will allow.

4.  Which brings me to comments. I now have the ability to respond to your comments both right there with the rest of the comments and send my response to you through email.  Isn’t that cool?

5.  Gravatars – if you don’t have one, get one!  Those are the little pictures that appear next to a comment you leave on someone’s blog.  It can be anything, a picture of yourself or something else that represents you.  Whenever you comment on a blog with gravatars enabled, your little picture will show up.  They are free and easy to create here: Globally Recognized Avatars.  PS – I used to have random little monsters appear in my comments for those without gravatars, but everyone seemed to be getting a frowning monster, so I disabled that feature.

6.  Printer friendly pages.  My posts are now printer friendly!  If my words so move you that you have to print them out and tuck them under your pillow or otherwise save them for posterity, you can now save time and ink by using the printer friendly option.  You can also save a page to a PDF file or share it through email.  First, click on the title of the post.  That will bring you to a page with only that one, single post.  At the end of the post will be a little printer icon.  Click on that to bring up the printer-friendly screen.  You will have the option to cut out paragraphs where I babble on about nothing, you can choose not to have the pictures print, and several other options.  I think this feature will be especially  nice if you want to print out any of the recipes I share.

7.  Streamlined look – I’ve got a new, streamlined look.  Come by and check it out!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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