Remember when Pumpkin Girl was cast in the Marzipan Dance in Nutcracker, but it was her very least favorite variation? She said it was because she didn’t understand how they wanted her to hold her arms during the audition. After the first rehearsal she told me that she was put in Marzipan because they liked the way she held her arms. I laughed so hard when she said that! Even she got the irony and laughed, too. She’s been enjoying the rehearsals and is over the disappointment.

We figured out our heater right as we headed to bed last night. The temperature in the house was close to 60 and getting colder, so I was glad to hear the fan start up and catch a whiff of that familiar scent of hot lint.

Turns out our deck did have a final inspection, it just failed. Then was repaired, then the permit ran out, then the company went out of business. The contractor can’t (or won’t, I’m not sure which) just repair it, since it never passed. The whole thing has to come down. I guess it is for the best in the long run, since the material is not the right type for the weather here. I liked the contractor who came to do the estimate. He said all the right things before we even asked, he was up front about the need for permits, he had copies of his liability and workers comp insurance. He had references and even recommended that we go to a current work site to see a deck in progress. (Alas, he was not Mike Holmes.)

On the up side with the deck, we’ll be getting a composite material that does well with the temps here. We’ll get to add some decorative elements of our choosing, including stair and post lighting. And we found out that we can use a movable fire pit as long as we stick something called dura-stone under it.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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