Looking Back

As I sit here typing, the snow is coming down and our lows tonight are going to dip past 0 degrees. Wind chill will be -20. Negative twenty. Fortunately Philip came home early and he doesn’t have to go back to work until next year. We are stocked up with winter storm essentials – toilet paper and eggs. We haven’t had much snow this season at all, so we’re hoping for enough to sled.

Looking back at this last year is always fun, so here it goes.

In January I turned 40. I got some pretty good gifts!

In February I was happy to start baking bread again and Boo became a Boy Scout.

March brought two new family members – our kitties Mittens and Cinnamon.

We traveled to Tucson for Easter in April where we attended the vigil mass and were the godparents for my cousin’s son.

I finally admitted in May what I’d known since the end of February – that we were expecting another baby!

June found us sailing away to Mexico.

In July I reflected upon the things we learned during our first year of living in Colorado.

Pumpkin Girl auditioned for the Nutcracker in August.

I got brave in September and shared some pages out of my watercolor journal. Only one person commented (thank you, Jani!)!!! Ouch. 😉

As October came to an end, our little Pipsqueak arrived and Boo turned 12, all in the same week. Amazing.

Speaking of Pipsqueak, November was tough on him as he fought off jaundice and had kidney ultrasounds.

We wrapped up the year remembering Becca on her seventh birthday and celebrating Pumpkin Girl as she turned ten.

All in all, a good year! I’m looking forward to seeing what next year brings.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Hey Lori! Just wanted to laugh and say I really liked your watercolor journal. And you’re so needy. I love that! More good stuff in 11!

  • Thanks, Ginger! I’m not too proud to beg, either! Me, needy? Whatever makes you think that? ::bats eyes innocently::

  • Well, thanks, Jani. I’m fighting the urge to write something a little self-deprecating, but I’ll just sit on my fingers and accept the compliment.

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