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What if you had a blog contest and no one entered? I’m laughing over this, actually! It’s a good thing that the free game was free for me, too.

So now Delta Dawn and I have one thing in common. When I was really little, and I mean really little, that was my favorite song. I used to think that 41 was terribly old. Now, not so much.

I try to have low expectations for my birthday. That way, I’m not too disappointed. Gee, could I be more of an Eeyore? Though a popped balloon and an empty hunny pot would look good in comparison with what I’ve got in store today.

Oh yeah, baby – today I get to sit through an hour of mandatory religious education parents meeting. With a baby. Booyah! We have to do this twice a year. I don’t know why. The first meeting of the year I can understand. Lots of new information, we’ve got to be volunteered to sit in on each of our children’s classes, we get leaned on to provide stuff for the silent auction fund raiser.

But the second meeting? I don’t know. Last year the meeting started with an announcement that the bishop still had not made a decision about changing the age for Confirmation. Then a show of hands as to how many of us had children in the Confirmation class. Nobody. So then we proceeded to discuss the moving of the Confirmation age. For thirty minutes.It was painful. I don’t know what was discussed for the next 30 minutes because at that point I was hugging my knees, rocking back and forth in the corner, humming “Delta Dawn”. At least in my head.

I could probably get out of today’s meeting by just dropping the kids off in the parking lot like usual – buh bye!- then driving away. I can avoid the RE coordinator person who is standing outside the building rounding up parents for the meeting. But I’m such a rule follower that I’ll park the car properly and drag little Pipsqueak to this meeting.

Do you think I’ll earn time out of Purgatory for this? Probably only if I stop complaining about it!

But it is my birthday and that’s a Good Thing! There’s a couple of presents sitting on the table and the children made me cards. Surely that outweighs one lousy meeting!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Aw, I’m sorry. I wanted to comment and say Happy Birthday, but I’m not a computer game sort of gal, so I was leaving it for other people. I did one blog giveaway and had 4 people enter, so I know the feeling….

  • If I didn’t have blue eyes and blond hair, I swear you and I would be twins. I sang Delta Dawn about a bajillion times as a kid. Now that I’m an adult and know what it’s about I wonder why my mother let me listen to it. I would never try to have a contest on my blog- I can’t even get people to de-lurk, though it could just be that I only have three readers left. (Thank you for leaving a comment.) Also when I was a kid, Eeyore and I were close pals. That cloud of rain that followed him around? Always losing his tail? Yep, I can relate. Now I’d rather be Poo and my kids think I’m Kanga. But I have to say…I would skip that meeting.

  • Actually, I was going to leave you a comment the other day, when you wrote about delurking, but I’m such a lurker, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. And then with the contest I thought, if I win the game, which I wouldn’t mind doing, I’d just end up playing it too much.
    Apparently like many others, I came to your blog through Shanti’s blog. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for years, but I’m very reserved in person, and even more so online. I’ll make more of an effort to let you know I’m here in the future.
    Best regards,

  • Well, I am the same as Jennifer. I’m just not a computer game kind of person, so I was leaving it to someone who might appreciate it more. I did want to wish you a happy birthday, though.

  • Happy Birthday Lorri!
    Sorry I also didn’t enter, I’m trying really hard to break my computer game habit, I’m down to a few hours a day on “Kingdoms of Camelot”. 😛
    I would skip the meeting, but I would also skip RE when I know that you and I do a much better job teaching our children the faith than some woman who does it for an hour a week to a classroom full of children. But you’re just more social than me I guess.
    I think you get purgatory time, but only if Pipsqueak cries the entire time and you insist to everyone that he’s fine and you must stay for this very important meeting. :)

  • omg, I loved Delta Dawn, but I was older than you and getting a divorce — so it had slighly different meaning for me. But when I needed to induce a good cry I would put it on and turn up the volume and wail away. thanks for bringing back that lost memory.

    I hope you had a good birthday.. . .I don’t play those kind of computer games anymore. so that is why i did not comment.

  • Hi Leigh and welcome! I’m glad you left a comment. That’s cool that you are another “referral” from Shanti. I definitely owe her some chocolate.

  • Sorry I missed your birthday and delurking posts. We were away at Disney World for my son’s 5th birthday. As you can see I am still climbing through my reader almost a week after we got back. I almost just hit Mark as Read on everything, but I am glad I didn’t. I love reading your blog even though I rarely comment. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us here.

    Happy much belated birthday,

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