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Watercolor Class
Gone Fishing
H is for
There Goes My Baby
G is for…
Lookout Rock

Watercolor Class

I signed up for an online watercolor journaling class which started last week. It’s perfect for me because I don’t have the time to attend a workshop outside the house. We get our assignments through PDFs and videos, which is also cool because I can watch the videos while I paint and stop, rewind and replay anything I need to.

I’m going to be brave and share my assignments.

Both paintings are from photographs.

Find out more about my watercolor class and others that are offered here: Imaginary Trips

Gone Fishing

Boo is home.

We have house guests (6 children and a mom!!).

We all attended the Easter Vigil mass where it snowed on our Paschal fire. The next day we woke to about an inch of snow on the ground and later it snowed during dinner. We had an indoor egg hunt (9 children running amok!!) and gorged on yummy baked goods, ham and scalloped potatoes. The children played board games and Wii. Our guests talked to their dad via Skype from Afghanistan. A good time was had by all. We are blessed to have such good friends.

So while I enjoy our company, I’m on a bloggy break. See you soon…

H is for

Hat! Soccer hat, specifically.

I have actually managed to squeeze in a little knitting here and there. It took me 2 weeks, but I made a hat for Boo that matches his soccer uniform. He plays in a club that has the same uniforms every year, so no need to make him a new one every season.

Spring soccer in Colorado is a chilly affair. As I type it is 52 degrees and falling, and soccer practice is still an hour away. Last year we had a game canceled because the snow from earlier in the week had made the field too wet. I think that was in April.

I send the boys to their games and practices with hats, sweatshirts, and even gloves. I keep telling them that suffering breeds character.

This is another hat from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. Just a basic K2P2 rib for 2 inches, knit until it fits, decrease evenly and finish. I like to reference the book for the exact numbers to cast on based on the yarn I’m using, the needles I have available and my gauge.

There Goes My Baby

Boo is on this ship, sailing out of Pearl Harbor. They left about an hour ago. He’s just gotten so out of hand with his adolescent self that we made him join the Navy. I’ll miss him.

Actually, he’s on a tiger cruise, courtesy of my friend Shanti, who commands said vessel. I figured that since the Navy trusts her with a ship, I can trust her with my boy. Even though he’ll probably talk her ear off.


Yesterday I bought new sunglasses.

Aren’t I cute?

I wore them out of the store since my old ones were broken. When I got to my car I realized that the little vinyl sticker with the brand name was still on the lens. I peeled it off and stuck it to the window of the car next to me.

(click on the picture to see it better.)

I wonder how long it’ll take them to find it.

I also wonder what gets into me sometimes.

G is for…


This one is Carcassonne.

Our family enjoys playing board/card games together. Candy Land, Settlers of Catan, Uno, Blink, Clue and Right, Left, Center are some of our favorites, along with Carcassonne. We just started playing Apples to Apples, too. We found a Disney edition for our RV trip and we all had fun with it. Oh, Disney Scene It, too. Pumpkin Girl and I are almost unbeatable on a team together with Disney Scene It.

We try make sure we play games for Bip’s age level as often as we play games for older children. He loves the Pooh Bear Uno game our Aunt Peggy gave him! When we play games that are a bit too old for him, we let him be on a “team” with someone else, usually a parent. That way he gets to play with the family and he’s also learning to play the game in question, too.

What are the games that your family enjoys?

Do you have a “G” picture? Post a link in the comments in this post! Haven’t joined me in the Alphabet Project yet? No worries, jump in any time.

Lookout Rock

I’m always thinking of a ton of things to blog about, but I’m a little sleep deprived these days, so I keep forgetting what they are.

“What are you saying, exactly?”

But when Pumpkin Girl and Bip took me to see “lookout rock”, I remembered to take my camera along.

This hangout of theirs is on the bluff the rises behind the park across the street from our house.

It’s not a difficult climb if you’re young and spry and fairly close to the ground and don’t have a camera banging around your neck. But I did my best, encouraged by Bip saying, “Come on, Mama, it’s easy!”

Here it is, lookout rock.

Perched upon this rock, you can spy on the whole neighborhood and see a good portion of the city.

The rock has fun hiding places, too.

Another close-by rock, in the “spy zone” as the children call it, has a little cave.

You can see our house from up there. I think I should go back and retake this picture with the depth of field reversed. Look at me with my photography jargon! It means with the house in focus and the tree branches blurred.

We think it’s a perfect place to play!

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