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  • Lorri,

    The deck turned out beautifully. That fire pit is going to bring your family years of great memories and fun!

    Here’s my 2 cents in regards to furniture. When we were in DC, I longed for outdoor seating that was more living roomish, not being stuck at a table and chairs. While very comfortable, when we want to eat outside, we miss the traditional patio table and chairs. Also, we bought a beautiful set with nice comfy cushions. They look great, but are a pain to store. With our rainy weather, it is a lot of carrying in and out. So, I would suggest those chairs that have the tight weave. They are comfy and dry quickly, so you don’t need to worry about the fuss of cushions in and out or wet from rain.
    I would love to chat decorating ideas, so give me a call if you have a minute. (Which I understand may not be practical with a babe who needs his momma, and three others pulling you in different directions.)

    :) Tami

  • It turned out great! What a beautiful extention of your house. I am sure you will spend lots of time on it this year and for many to come. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to come enjoy it with you.

  • Jennifer- the pergola/trellis/cover really does help keep the sun from beating down on us. One of the reasons we splurged on it was because we could never eat lunch out there, no matter how nice the weather was.

  • Jani – Thanks! The firepit was another splurge, it was something we really wanted but couldn’t have on the deck before due to the fact that the planking was plastic.

  • Tami – We kind of have the opposite problem. The rain we get comes in and leaves in the same day, so the sun is actually the problem. Things get bleached out very easily, so I’m wondering about how well cushions would hold up.

  • Sheril – You are all welcome any time! Hopefully you’ll get out this way again soon. (My anti-spam word is “knit” – how appropriate.)

  • Thanks Michelle – one of the joys of post-Army life is finally getting to spend money on a home we’ll enjoy for a good long time. As opposed to just throwing money away on trying to make a temporary house livable.

  • LOL, Robin! Was the problem on your end or mine? Is there something I need to fix or make easier?

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