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M is for

Montgolfier Balloon

W-a-y back sometime around 1995, Philip and I visited the Air and Space Museum in San Diego. While we were there we saw a model – lifesize, maybe – of the Montgolfier balloon.

“Oh cool,” I said. “I like it!”

“I’ll buy it for you,” said Philip.

Did I mention that we were young and silly?

And you know what…a few years later we found a Montgolfier balloon for sale. Of course, Philip bought it for me.

It’s tin and was once filled with candy. It holds a special place in my heart because once upon a time, Philip promised to buy me the Montgolfier balloon. And he did.

All A-twitter

So…I’m on Twitter now. Look over there in my sidebar – you can click on the Follow button and be one of my minions, er, followers. You never know when I’ll say something pithy or funny or have a great stock tip*, so go ahead and follow me. You know you want to!

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Of course, if you’d like to click over to my blog, that’s fine, too.

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Ladybug and Swan

This assignment was to add a decorative border around the subject of your choice.

The picture and video demonstration were provided for a different assignment. I didn’t use the swan picture, but I wanted to try the technique of painting something white and painting water, so I just did it in the empty corner of the ladybug page.

8 Months, 3 weeks

Today Pipsqueak is exactly the same age as Rebecca was the last time we saw her.

What strikes me first is that we didn’t have her for very long. And yet, she transformed our lives so completely. So much happiness in one little body.

The grief doesn’t go away. It doesn’t even get better. It does change though, becomes more manageable. It becomes something that you can live with, more or less. Some days more, some days less. It manifests itself in surprising ways. Even with the two babies that came after Rebecca, she is still missed so very much.

Eight months, 3 weeks. There was still so much left to do.

There still is.

You can read more about my grief journey here: Grief and Love

I’m Underpaid

A part of Boo’s promotion requirements to first class scout included talking to a civil servant about the Constitution. There may have been more to it than that, but that’s the important part. He and a couple of other scouts chose to talk with one of the scout dads that was at camp for the week.

As they sat down, the dad started talking about “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” An honest enough mistake, right? In fact, you might even be reading this and wondering what was wrong.

Boo caught it right away. He said, “Actually, that’s the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution is the one that starts, ‘We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union…” and then proceeded to rattle off the whole preamble.

The dad said, “You’re right! I got the wrong document!” and they moved on with the discussion.

I think we should all stand up and applaud Boo’s history teacher, don’t you think?

Oh, wait…

Bits of Summer

*Pumpkin Girl has been going to dance workshops for the last 3 weeks. First it was ballet focused, with 3 hours of dance every day plus stretch and conditioning classes. Some new muscle on her ached every day, including her arches! They also had classes on good nutrition, how to make a ballet bun and short talks by the guest instructors on their professional careers.

*Getting a lunch and snack together and driving to and from the dance studio every day sure takes a lot of getting used to. You know how people always tell homeschoolers, “I don’t know how you do it!” ? I don’t know how they do it!

*Boo went to scout camp last week. He left as a 2nd class scout and returned as a first class scout. He earned his wood working, leather working and swimming merit badges. It was tough having both him and Pumpkin Girl gone.

*Bip and I watched a lot of movies together during the week.

*Pipsqueak is very into eating solid food. He’s enjoyed everything I’ve offered him, but he loves blueberries in particular. He cries when I just get up to get him some more.

*I’m loving me some air conditioning in the afternoons! Not as much as I loved it when I set it around 70 and ran it from May to October. But that was back when we weren’t paying for electricity. But still, it’s nice to be able to say, “OK, it’s too hot. Everyone close the windows and turn your a/c on!”

*The weather is actually quite nice. It gets hot, clouds over, rains,clears and cools. Every day.

*I’m a little more than halfway through my second watercolor class. More pictures to come.

*My children are begging me to let them buy ice cream from the ice cream man. It’s just so expensive! I’ll probably let them this week since it’s going to be so hot. But just the one time since we can buy the same ice cream at the store for much cheaper.

*I actually don’t like summer. The only thing to love about summer (for me) is knowing that as soon as it’s over, Fall will be here.

So how about you? What’s your favorite thing about summer?

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