Five on a Friday

*Pumpkin Girl finishes up the last of her dance workshops today. She danced 85 hours over 5 weeks and discovered muscles she never knew she had.

*We’re starting school again next week. 7th, 5th and 1st grades!

*Pipsqueak requires my presence during naps. I’m not sure how this will work for school.

*I got permission to use my own religion curriculum at home rather than having to send the children to faith formation classes at church. It irks me that I need “permission”.

*I started a new watercolor class – an imaginary trip to Italy!

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More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • We realized one year that my daughter was dancing about 20 hours a week during the semester they were preparing for Nutcracker. Needles to say, this covered her P.E. credit quite nicely. Thanks for joining in!

  • You could go rogue like me and not get permission for your religion curriculum, and then sweat bullets for months while your pastor decides if your daughter gets to make her First Holy Communion or not.

    Yeah, irks me too.

  • Michelle- You are much braver than me! Our church is very specific – children MUST be registered for faith formation for 2 years and MUST attend sacrament prep classes in person. I was told that if my home catechism wasn’t on the USCCB approved list, I must choose one that is. Even if, and I quote one of last years teachers, my children “could teach the class.”.

    I’m considering myself lucky that the home study option is even available.

  • Sandy, we don’t have a specific PE requirement, but we are rapidly approaching that level of ballet commitment. This year she’s up to 5 hours a week, not including Nutcracker.

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