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  • How do these compare to Franklin planners? from what I see, they’re about the same…but flatter.

    Also – do they have a feature that reminds me to look at the list after I’ve made it? :)

  • @robin – Actually, it’s not a planner at all. It’s a notebook with pages that are removable and replaceable! They do sell planner pages for it, but I don’t use them…yet. I like how I can be making a ton of notes and realize they need to be in a section by themselves and be able to move them or pop in a divider. Or if I wrote down a recipe, I can remove it and move it into my Circa recipe book. You totally need to check them out at Levenger.com.

    Alas, they do not stand up and wave at you when there is a list that needs your attention. :(

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