I Survived

First, I just want to thank everyone who emailed, tweeted or otherwise contacted me yesterday to see how I was doing after the earthquake.

That was something else, wasn’t it?  I grew up in California and lived in San Francisco during the 7.1 quake there.  So minor tremblers don’t really make me take notice, but I wasn’t expecting one way out here!

At the time the quake hit, I was lying on my bed, nursing Pipsqueak.  The bed started to shake, but it felt like one of our cats getting out from up under what is essentially the bedspring.  But the shaking continued. Both cats, maybe?

Then I could feel the whole house swaying and I realized – We’re having an earthquake!

Now, having been raised in California, I am properly trained in earthquake procedures.  If you’re at school, you duck and cover under your desk.  (Coincidentally, this is the same technique to use in case of an atomic bomb.  That way the schools didn’t waste  time with conducting multiple safety drills.  One command of “Duck and Cover!” and we’d trained for multiple situations in just seconds.) When not in school, you shove everyone out of the way to stand in a doorway.  In this way, when the building collapsed, at least you’d have died standing.

The only problem this time was that Pipsqueak was sleeping and nursing and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to disturb him.  So I braved it out where I was.

I did not even bother waking up Phil or the children and the next morning they had no idea that anything unusual had happened.

Wait, what? You thought I was talking about the quake in Virginia that happened in the middle of the day? No-o-o, Colorado had its largest earthquake in over 40 years yesterday! It was all very exciting.  Rocks fell down!  On the highway! Tens of people talked about it on Twitter! We were all over the news until the Virginia quake hit, the little upstart.

So yes, I am fine, thanks for asking.

(Nobody actually asked at all.)

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I didn’t know!! It reminds me of the time when your Dad and I were lying in bed and we woke to an earthquake. I said “Shouldn’t we be doing something, like get up and stand in the doorway?” Before we could decide if it was worth the effort, the swaying had stopped. Talk about taking earthquakes in stride. Do you remember the earthquake on Aug. 13, 1978?

  • Too funny…I am in Virginia. I did not know Colorado or Virginia had experienced earthquakes until my children called to ask about my well-being. I thought I had just gotten a little light headed from not having lunch! I had to turn the news on later in the day to learn I had missed my bit of history.
    Sorry that we stole your thunder…you still have better skiing.

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