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My life is totally dominated by ballet.  Ballet auditions, ballet rehearsals, ballet clothes, ballet buns.  Not to mention regular ballet classes.

August started so peacefully, in spite of the fact that Pumpkin Girl moved up a level in ballet and so is now up to 3 classes a week of an hour and half each.  Then she auditioned for and was offered a spot in her school’s pre-professional company.  That came with a requirement to take one other dance class, plus company meetings and rehearsals.  She chose her additional class to be one that happens immediately before company rehearsals, so we drop her off on Saturday after lunch and pick her up sometime around dinner.  It depends on what they are rehearsing.

Of course, there were additional clothing items needed for being in the company, including another black leo, another uniform leo and a company warm-up suit.  The company warm-ups are optional.  Well, to the studio they are, but not to the dancers!  How can you possibly make the company and not buy the warm-ups? We smiled understandingly and wrote the check.

Her place in the company guaranteed her a role in their Nutcracker, taking place in December.  She was happy to be given a party girl role.  I quaked in fear of the natural-hair boingy curls for her straight, straight hair.

Then she auditioned for and was given a role in the Nutcracker that is performed with our city’s philharmonic orchestra and a professional ballet company from out of town. She was also given a party girl role.  More boingy curls! She was slightly disappointed because she wanted to be a baker.  Bakers get to bounce on a mini trampoline disguised as a cake, no curls needed.

Then last week she was given an additional role in the company Nutcracker as a soldier.  The trick here is that she will perform the party girl role and the soldier role on the same day, in different shows.  They require different hair.  If – and I PRAY this happens – she is a party girl in the first show, then in between shows I can wet down the curls and slick them back into a simple bun that will tuck under her soldier hat.  If it goes the other way, soldier in the first show, party girl in the second, I will have to curl her hair, by hand!!! with a curling iron.  Woe!

She’s putting 12 hours in the studio this week.  She is dancer, hear her roar.

And me?  I put her hair in a bun, decipher the rehearsal schedules, write the checks, drive the car.  I don’t mind, I’m get to be the proud ballet mom.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • My daughter used fake curls that attached with..something. Maybe they were made onto a comb? They were the same color as her hair. You couldn’t tell that she had a perfect ballet bun under there until the party scene was over and she removed the curls for the rest of the show. (Snowflake? Flower? I forget.) Her dance teacher told her where to get them.

  • The girls at our studio use fake curls that attach to buns. I ordered my oldest daughter’s from; it was the Elka under the dance team hair pieces. Works great and comes off very easily.

    The company will match the hair if you send in a hair sample.
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  • …no one tells ya before your child makes company how many more hours a week it will be… for us, my little girl spends 5 hours in technique courses, 1 hour in company(beginning rehearsals already for Nutcracker with three roles – party girl, mouse and Chinese Dancer,) 1 hour in strengthening, one hour in lyrical, one hour in modern, one hour in acro, and the ensemble rehearsals for Nutcracker will make for at least 4 more hours a week. This is our first year in company, and I can see that her being in company is going to be even harder on my wallet than I previously imagined… she actually has talent and more drive and determination than I had as a kid, so we support it, but eeek

    • It is a HUGE commitment, isn’t it? And a sacrifice for the whole family…but worth it. A dance career, professional or not, is so fleeting.

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