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When we did the deck last Spring, we also had the front porch done.  I just forgot to mention it until now.  We had a faux stone treatment added and the old railing replaced with one that matches the deck railing.  Also extended the porch forward by about 2 feet, just enough to be able to use the porch without falling into the planter.  Speaking of which, someday will get that fixed, too.


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • That’s really nice! I’m so intregued by stamped concrete. I have a kitchen floor that needs replaced and a driveway that’s eroding. However, the driveway is concrete…how long will the stamped concrete last and is it really expensive? Do you mind if I ask how much it cost to do the stamped treatment?

  • @Susanna – It’s not actually stamped concrete, it is painted and layered and textured. The porch didn’t need repair, we just wanted it extended, so that is the only new concrete that was added. Once that was cured and the weather stayed dry, they came and painted it. It took multiple days as each layer had to dry before the next was added. I don’t have a price for just the stone artistry, but for the entire porch – the railings, the extension and the artistry together. Still…if you want the price for the whole thing, let me know.

  • @Sandy – I have always planted petunias in the sun and impatiens in the shade. Somehow they survive my brown thumb! Last year I got some really pretty pale pinks and purples that totally took over most of the bed. Right before we had out of town guests, the deer ate them. :/

  • @Kat – Thank you! It is so nice to finally have a house that we can pretty up permanently. We never used the porch because it was too narrow. You could sit but not really move around. Now the plan is to sit there and watch the children while they are at the park across the street.

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