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The Twenty-Ninth
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Cherry Blossoms
Quilt Love
Laughing While Crying
Mother Bear revisited

The Twenty-Ninth

I don’t actually have a whole lot to say today, but the opportunity to post on this particular date is too rare to pass up.  So hello, how are you?  I am fine.

Did you ever write letters like that when you were little?  Once upon a time I had a school assignment to write a letter and mail it.  I wrote to my cousin who is 3 months older than me.  We became steadfast penpals and best friends.  For the first couple of years, though, our letters were pretty much all, “Dear Annie, how are you?  I am fine.  What did you do in school today?  I had a math test.  Do you like math? It rained today.  I am running out of room, so goodbye.”

I wasn’t always the riveting writer than I am today.

I was thinking of my cousin Annie today because I learned that Davy Jones of the Monkees had died.  We loved the Monkees, my cousin Annie and I.  Sometimes she’d come and stay with my poor lonely, only child self for a week over the summer.  Both my parents worked so we’d be at home watching TV pretty much all the livelong day.  The reruns of “The Monkees” were our favorite.  One year, she actually  brought her tape of a Monkees album with her and we’d dance around my room, singing Monkees songs at the top of our lungs.

I might have to head over to iTunes and download me some Monkees Tunes like the rest of the world, so I can once again sing them at the top of my lungs.  It’s probably more fun when you’re 16 and home alone with your goofy cousin-turned-best-friend than say, home with a bunch of kids that are depending on you for an education, and I don’t mean of the pop icon variety.  Oh well, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

And speaking of which!  The next time Leap Day rolls around, assuming that the world doesn’t end this December, Pipsqueak will be 5, Bip will be 11, Pumpkin Girl will be 15 and Boo will be 17.  And driving! Driving, I tell you! Wonder if he’ll be blasting some Monkees tunes in his car?

Cherry Blossoms

As part of my Year of Finished Projects, I actually started a major knitting project.  I’m a slow knitter at the best of times and with a my hands full of Pipsqueak all day, things don’t get done very quickly.  So starting a project during the year that I’m focusing on finishing those long overdue things seems sort of counter productive.

But as I was looking over my friend Sandy’s queue of knitting that she will never even start, I was reminded that my own list had stalled out.  I have a ton of little things that I can accomplish easily – a toy monster in a bulky weight yarn that will take no time, lots and lots of socks that are surprisingly easy and some hats that I can do in my sleep.  But I thought I’d like to get a Major Project (perhaps even a Lieutenant Colonel Project) (ha! Army humor!) started.  I thought it would feel good to finish the “getting around to it” phase and actually cast on something out of my queue.

I picked Hanami.  Please click on this link.  There is a whole story behind this shawl I chose to knit that really adds to the appeal.  Plus the link has pictures!  Always a good thing.  You clicking the link will let me *not* steal those pictures and paste them in here.

I have to admit that I am not a good lace knitter.  I’ve only done one real lace project and I didn’t enjoy it. But I am drawn to all the beautiful lace.  I’m not really up for the challenge, but I want that shawl.  So I’ll persevere. Fortunately my friend in crafting-crime, Shanti, decided to knit along with me.  She’s got a ton more lace experience than I, so she’s already passed me up.  I’m not going to compare my progress to hers (ok, that’s totally untrue), but I am going to be inspired to keep going and actually finish this shawl in a timely manner.

And then I will have another finished project to share with you!

Quilt Love

Pipsqueak is fortunate to have some awesome quilters in his life.  My friend Shanti made him this beautiful quilt and I just had to share some pictures.

And it’s got a fun Eric Carle print on the back.

My mommy has the best friends!

His godmother made him a cute quilt, too. I’ll share pictures of that one next.

Laughing While Crying

A couple of days ago, this chain of emails transpired between Boo, my husband and me.  Watch this Toy Story clip first, it’ll be funnier that way.

On 2/7/12 Boo wrote:

> dear dad, I emailed [Eagle Scout candidate] to see if I should bring anything els then me my
> gloves eye protection and the other usual stuff here’s what he said. Love
> Boo
[forwarded email omitted]

2/7/12 12:34 PM Phil wrote

OK.  Sounds good.

You really need to check your spelling.  Kind of makes me sad. 8′-(


2/7/12  12:52 PM Lorri wrote

Actually, his grammar is what is especially painful.

2/7/12 12:55 PM Phil wrote


All those years of academy training…wasted…all gone…bye..bye


2/7/12 12:56 PM Lorri wrote

Does that make him Mrs. Nesbit?

2/7/12 1:01 PM Phil wrote

Definitely, can’t you see the hat?

2/7/12 1:15 PM Boo wrote

Ha ha very funny dad and mom here me laugh HA!


As Boo’s parents, we crack ourselves up.  As his principal and teacher, we are completely mortified.  We started a new grammar program that very afternoon.

Mother Bear revisited

Three years ago, I wrote about the Mother Bear Project and showed you my first bear.

You know where all my good intentions are?  Oh yes, still sitting in my craft room.  I don’t know why I didn’t mail that first bear.  I just didn’t.

A year and a half ago, I started another bear.  Guess where that one is?  Yep, still here.  At least I’m consistent.

Well, after I declared this to be the Year of Finished Projects, I found that second bear and embroidered her face.  It didn’t take too long, even with Pipsqueak hanging on my arm.  I took her picture for posterity and she and her buddy are going in the mail.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before they each off to bring a little love to a child affected by HIV/AIDS.

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