Traveling Monsters: Trixie

I had so much fun knitting Bip’s monster that I bought The Big Book Of Knitted Monsters.  (Clicking on the book link doesn’t help me at all.  I can’t be an affiliate because of the way my state collects taxes.)  Then I joined a Ravelry group for monster addicts, er fans.  Then I joined up with the Traveling Monsters Swap.  The way it works is that all the participants knit a monster small enough to fit in the smallest USPS Priority mail box.  On the designated date – which was Tuesday – we each sent our monster to a predesignated person.   In a couple of days we will each get a new monster in the mail to enjoy for a couple of weeks.  Twice a month we send the monster currently visiting on his or her way and we receive a new monster.  A round robin of monsters.  We have enough participants to keep going for about 10 months.

Here is the monster I knit:

Trixie the Traveling Monster

Isn’t she cute?  She is off to her host family in Kansas and adventures unknown.  We are going to miss her while she’s gone.

I’m all ready to go!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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