Staying at the Fairmont

Early in June we took a trip to San Francisco. Philip grew up there and his family still lives there. We’ve taken the older children for a visit, but they don’t remember, so it was time for a pilgrimage.

We stayed at the Fairmont, because that's just how we roll.

Ok, we actually stayed there using our Disney Vacation Club points, which is really how we roll. But the children we suitably impressed with the grandeur of a hotel that survived (in part) the earthquake of 1906. Of course,now they think we are rich and keep asking for stuff.

These are the stairs in the lobby. Why yes, Pipsqueak is wearing a 49ers jersey. It says Rice on the back. Old school! Classic Niners! Again, just how we roll.

The Fairmont Lobby. We tried to keep the kids from running amuck too loudly, but they couldn't resist the call of those revolving doors.

We put the three older children in a room of their own. It was bliss! For us at least. I can’t say for sure how their neighbors on the other side felt about the whole thing. I just tried not to stand too close to them in the elevator so I couldn’t be identified as the mother. Why no, I’ve never seen that girl who looks exactly like me before! Who are these people, and why do they keep calling me “mom”?

Having the children in a different room wasn’t as romantic as you’d think.

There’s just no explanation for this next picture.

Um, yeah.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I wanna roll with you! What a fun experience. Little Pipsqueak cannot be a walking, talking little boy. Wasn’t he just born last week?

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