Hidden Places in Disneyland

Hidden Places in Disneyland that you don't want to miss!It’s no secret that we love Disneyland. I can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve been.  We even went last January.  Over the years we’ve come up with a list of our favorite things. You can look anywhere for the best rides to go on for different ages, how to beat the crowds, and where are the best places to eat. But want to share my family’s top 10 out-of-the-way places and things to see. These are lesser known things to experience, the kinds of things left out of guide books, or overlooked by park goers. Enjoy!

1.Storybook Land Canals after dark. What sets Disneyland apart from other theme parks? The ambiance. They create a scene so beautifully that it can take your breath away. For a truly magical experience, ride the Storybook Land Canals after dark. The ride is lit with little fairy lights, probably by Tinker Bell herself. If you can manage it, ride without the kids and hold hands with your honey.

2. The Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through. This is overlooked by most people, but fun. The entrance is to the right, as you are leaving Fantasyland, just before you go under the castle. Dioramas tell the story of Aurora and her Prince as you walk up and through the castle. Don’t be too surprised if something jumps out and startles you! And watch for Malificent’s shadow moving across the wall…SleepingBeautyCastleEntrance

3. When You Wish Upon a Star. As you pass under the castle arch, pause for a moment and listen carefully. You will hear Jiminy Cricket singing “When You Wish Upon a Star”. I’m such a sap, hearing that brings a tear to my eye every time.

4. The Wicked Queen is watching! While you’re in line for the Peter Pan ride, look over at the Snow White ride. Up in the castle window, Snow White’s wicked step-mother will open the curtain and glower down at the crowd!WickedQueen

5. Poisoned Apple. Right at the entrance to Snow White’s Scary Adventures is a brass poisoned apple. Touch it…if you dare. PoisonApple

6. Now you see him…In the Mad Hatter hat shop, take a look at the mirror on the wall. The Cheshire Cat will appear and disappear. But if you want a good picture of him, go around to the left of the Alice ride. He’s sitting in a niche in the rock.

7. Square trees? Check out the trees in Fantasyland. They are cut into squares. This is to go along with the artwork in the Sleeping Beauty movie, which is all straight up and down and angular, reflecting the tapestries of the time the movie is set.

8. Photo op. Trying to get a picture of your kids on the Dumbo ride is difficult. Instead, look for the Dumbo set up just for pictures to the left of the ride.

9. South of the Border. A fun Mexican restaurant hides between the entrance to Big Thunder Mountain and the Castle. Even if you don’t eat there, take a stroll through the quiet passageway next to the restaurant for a change of pace.RanchoDelZolcaloPassage

10. Stroll through NOLA. Don’t miss the streets of New Orleans Square! Pay attention to all the details that Disney does so well. Rest your feet in the shade while sipping a soda on a curving staircase.


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