Bear In the Backyard

We are well used to the wildlife here by now.  Still, it is cause for excitement when a bear shows up in our backyard.  We haven’t actually seen *that*, but we know it has happened.  Our current bear friend actually frequents the creek that is behind our house.

This picture shows the top edge of our fence, to get a perspective of where the bear is in relationship to our house.

We’ve been watching this guy all summer.  He was particularly taken with a drain pipe that empties into the creek.  He sits on it, looking cute and thinking his bear thoughts.

Think, think, think. (Picture is a little fuzzy because it was taken through the window screen.)

We’ve seen him a couple of times a week for the last few months.

I’ve had my suspicions that he’s going to take up residence in there for his long winter’s nap.  Bears don’t really hibernate, did you know?  They have a “winter lethargy”.  (Me, I get a summer lethargy.)

I was right.  The children have been watching him tear up the dead grass on the creek bank and carry it back to his cave.  He’s got quite a cozy nest going there.

Here he is a few days ago, trying to decide if he needed just a little more cushioning.

How cool is that?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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