Not Looking Back at 2012

Happy New Year!  Is anybody still out there?  I hope so and I thank you for sticking with me.

In writing this post I realized just how little blogging I did last year.  Hopefully I can remedy that this year.  I’m making some changes in our home that should make things go a little more smoothly and free up a little more of my time.

I tried to write a 2012 wrap-up post but there were many months when I only blogged twice.  Not too exciting and nothing to look back on.  Part of the problem is that as my children have gotten older, they started reading my blog.  I feel the burden of censoring now that they are part of the audience.  There are also a couple of people who like to let me know that they expect me to have something new on my blog all the time and are disappointed when I don’t.  Nothing kills my creativity more than people pointing out how I’ve let them down.

So here I am, not looking back at 2012.  Hoping I can recapture some time and creativity and funnel that back into my blog.


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • While I love reading here and keeping up with your family, it’s your blog. You should write because it makes you happy, not because someone expected it. (Apologies now if this was a relative!) I’ll be here reading whether you write twice a month or twice a year.
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  • I’m with Sandy. If I don’t “see” you here, I assume you are living life with your beautiful family. That is far more important than entertaining us. I think of it like this: these kiddos keep us in the run. When they all fly the coup, we can sip tea, knit and share stories. So I do t feel like I’m missing out, just storing up. 😉

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