Lent is Coming!

Good grief, Lent starts on February 13th this year! Get OUT!

Ok, I’m done freaking out.

Two of toughest things in life are that both Girl Scout cookies and Shamrock Shakes are only available during Lent.  Fortunately, at least one McDonald’s in town already has Shamrock Shakes, so we can gobble some up this week.  And GS cookies are freezable.  Just sayin’.

In a completely unrelated event, I was searching for lap books to do with Bip in school and I found a website selling lap books for the Catholic faith.  I just finished printing out the pieces of the Lent book so we can get started on it right away.  A few of the projects should be completed before Ash Wednesday to get the most out of them.  What? Oh yes, a link.  Here you go: Catholic Faith Folders.  I prefer to buy these kind of things and just print them out instead of trying to find all the same information for free and making it fit and look pretty and all that.

And since I’m going on and on about Lent, Jennifer over at Family in Feast and Feria has printable Stations of the Cross. She has lots of different options for printing, including cards to punch holes in and put on a ring and booklets in both small sizes and full page.  Each option comes in color or in black and white.  I like them because the text is simple for children without being babyish and the pictures are real artwork, not cartoons.  I’m not fond of the kids Stations books that our church uses.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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