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Bip’s First Communion Banner
Big Sacrament Weekend
Brotherly Love
Consider Yourself…

Bip’s First Communion Banner

Now, before I tell you about Bip’s First Communion, I should show you his First Communion Banner.

We showed Bip many examples of banners from all over the internet.  He chose the elements he liked best, those things that he felt most expressed his faith.

Now here’s a little story of how God takes care of all the little details.  Bip’s banner is significantly smaller than Boo’s and Pumpkin Girl’s, due to the fact that at our current church the banners are hung from the side of the pews instead on the walls.  That means that the big bucket o’ foam letters that we have were too big to fit Bip’s real, very long first name onto the banner.  So when I went to the craft store for the felt, I was also keeping my eye out for something, anything, that I could use for his name that wouldn’t require me to cut out 8 teeny, tiny letters.  And whatever it was would preferably be green, Bip’s favorite color.  And I found one lone package of pre-cut (!), one inch (!!), felt letters in green(!!!).  Not one other package of those letters were left on the shelf.  I think I actually said, “Thank you, God!” aloud, right there in the store.  It was Hobby Lobby though, so if anyone had heard me I probably would have gotten an “amen”!

Ok, where were we?  Oh yes, making the banner.

So I drew the figures that Bip wanted onto the felt and cut them out.  He glued them down.


And here it is!BipBanner2


Our Big Sacrament Weekend was a success.  Nobody else got sick, the weather was nice, nobody melted down.

Boo was Confirmed on Friday evening.  My feelings on this matter are a mixture of pride and nostalgia as that little boy who seemed to be in a constant time-out is growing into fine young man with a mature faith.  We even made him shave the four hairs on his chin for the event.

Earlier in the year he was one of four Confirmation candidates chosen to speak at our parish renewal weekend. His assigned topic was “What the Eucharist Means to Me” and he needed to fill 10 minutes.  Ten minutes is a long time when one is 14 years old and this is your first public speaking event.  He came up with a good solid 5 minutes worth of material and then turned to his constant companion, Pumpkin Girl.  Those two have such a funny relationship.  I can’t even scratch the surface here, but I think it would be fair to say that they are best friends.

So Pumpkin Girl did a little research on the history of the Eucharist which Boo used as a lead in to his main topic and the whole thing turned out rather nicely.  He gave his speech in March and even now, someone will come up to him and ask if he was the young man who had given the talk.

Boo chose King David as his Confirmation saint.  David was a man who struggled in many ways but always had a heart for the Lord.  Boo came up with him on his own and his choice surprised me since most kids chose more recent saints.  But King David is an excellent choice and suits Boo well.  Did make it hard to get him a statue or holy medal, though.

And so the time came and Boo got himself all spiffy for the event.  His sponsor, one of our fellow Catholic homeschoolers from when we were stationed in DC, was able to be here for the day. I got the moment on camera.


In typical Boo fashion, as he returned to the pew after being Confirmed, he flashed a big grin and gave us a thumbs up.  I wasn’t expecting that, so I don’t have a picture.  We couldn’t help but laugh.  It was just so very Boo.  I hope his enthusiasm for God stays with him for the rest of his life.


(Great oogly moogly, I just noticed that he wore his survival bracelet.  Sigh.)

Big Sacrament Weekend

So. I had the worst Mother’s Day ever. Well, the one worst one for me,at least.

To put it bluntly, I got a new toothbrush.

There’s a story here, of course. I got a new toothbrush because that’s what I do every time I get so sick that I find myself moaning over my aching stomach. And when my stomach hurts that much, there’s pretty much only one way out of it. Oh yes. On my knees in the wee hours of the morning, thanking the Good Lord above that the drop-in toilet thingy is doing its job because my face is about to up close and personal with the porcelain throne.

Stomach properly emptied, I returned to bed and slept pretty much most of the rest of the day.

Less than twenty-four hours later I felt much better, keeping food down and my fever was gone. Poor Phil went down about that time, though he didn’t get it nearly as bad.

But what, what, WHAT does this have to do with the title of this post?

I’ll tell you. Two of my boys are receiving sacraments this weekend. We’ve got houseguests coming. The boys can NOT get sick.

It’s been two days since Phil got sick and all the kids seem fine.

But if you could spare a prayer, could you say one that my kids stay healthy?

Thanks, I owe you one!

Brotherly Love

Boo, to Pipsqueak:  Did you make a poopie?

Pipsqueak, in his halting, toddler speech: Made you present!

Boo: Oh…ok.

Pipsqueak: ‘ welcome!


Consider Yourself…

Guess who is playing the Artful Dodger?


(Please excuse my blurry phone photo.  She had just finished with her fitting and I was standing mostly in the hallway, trying to be quick.)

Pumpkin Girl was asked to be the Artful Dodger in the beginning Broadway class (she is actually in the intermediate level) when they do “Consider Yourself” from the musical “Oliver”.  Very cool to be asked to come in just for that role, especially when it is the lead.

Can I say I’m just a little bit proud of her?  Ok, a whole lot proud of her?  And doesn’t she make the cutest darn Artful Dodger out there?

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