Efficient Summer

Heat Miser with MinionsIt’s summer.  Blech.  I’ve said it many times before, but I am not a summer person.  Too hot, too sweaty, not enough air conditioning.  Shorts make my knees look chubby.  It’s like I’ve got Heat Miser and his minions dancing around my house. And apparently, my state now has a tendency to burst into flames.

But I will make the best of it.  I have decided to be Efficient this summer!  I am going to Get Things Done!  I have…A Plan, and it’s a good one.

Mainly it is sitting on the back deck, drinking iced tea and hanging out on Facebook.

Ok, not really.  Summer of Sloth II is Boo’s plan, which I delight in thwarting daily. My Efficient Summer Plan involves having one focus area for each week of summer.  Like so…

Week 1. Basement, Round 1
Week 2.Work on the blog (have you noticed?), work on projects with Bip
Week 3 Refine the housekeeping schedule, such as chore assignments. Pumpkin Girl projects
Week 4 Basement, Round 2, Work on projects with Bip
Week 5. Home Ec with the kids
Week 7. Prep for coming school year, Pumpkin Girl Projects, prep for upcoming cruise
Week 6.  Craft Room, Projects with Bip
Week 8.  Home Ec with Kids.

I’m on week 3 now.  I’m sure my minions are extra thrilled with this one!  Too bad, we wouldn’t want them living the Life of Riley now, would we?  Or having me talk to the walls?

So basically, I’m getting to all the need-tos and should-haves that have been building up, along with tackling some projects that I’ve promised to do with or for Pumpkin Girl and Bip.  Also, they decided they wanted to learn to cook and bake.  Or I decided, I can’t remember which.  And that pretty much takes up the summer.  I might have one more week in there, depending on when Pumpkin’s dance studio starts their Fall schedule.

How about you?  Anything as thrilling as I have planned?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I had planned to have an efficient summer. Mostly we’re staying up ’till all hours and sleeping late, making pretense of getting some things done, deciding it’s too late to worry about it and calling it a day around three. We managed a theatre camp last week and today we’re going to the dentist. I’m counting that as a win.

  • I’m taking people to camp (and yes, picking them back up), going to concerts with dh and plan on getting the boxes that need sorting out of my master bath, office and basement. I peeked and some have almost nothing in them. :)

  • My oldest has been busy for the past 3 weeks – week 1 boy scout merit badge college, week 2 youth choir tour in Florida, week 3 boy scout camp. The rest of us haven’t been nearly as productive. I like how you planned out just 1 focus per week. I think my problem is that I plan to do too many things in one week, and then I end up doing nothing.
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  • I think that is a brilliant way to organize your summer! I have a feeling that by the time I decide what to do summer will be over. This week is Week of Fun! for me and my middlest with the youngest tagging along. My oldest and hubby are out of town, so I am giving him some concentrated attention. Next week is supposed to be Week of Fun! The Sequel because middlest and hubby will be at cub scout camp, but I think my oldest might spend most of the week with his buddies.

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