Brotherly Love

I’ve got three boys
my house is loud
all by themselves
they make a crowd.

(A quick tribute to Dr. Seuss.)


My three boys and their dad. I never have a quiet moment.


Sometimes my boys get along famously, other times…not so much. Most days it is a little mixture of both.

The boys and Pumpkin Girl are participating in the library’s summer reading program. Pumpkin Girl finished the whole thing in 2 weeks, just like I used to do as a child. The boys are plugging along at their own pace. Bip is working on his reading skills and he is just able to read picture books to Pipsqueak. He needs to read for 20 minutes to be able to color in a circle on his chart. Pipsqueak needs to have 2 books read to him to color in his own circle.

Bip hatched a plan. He could read picture books to Pipsqueak and they could both get credit of their charts! The only flaw is Pipsqueak’s 2 year old attention span. Things were going well for the first 10 minutes as the two of them sat on the couch together. I snuck away for a little time to myself.

A few minutes later I hear the two of them running through the house. Bip had two books in his hands and was chasing after Pipsqueak yelling, “Which book do you want to read?”. Pipsqueak was running away saying, “No more read me!”

Alas. The best laid plans of little men.


Let me read to you or else!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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