I Heart Toddlers

How much do you love toddlers?

I think that I’ve said, “I love this age” about every six months since Pipsqueak was born.  I totally mean it every time, but there is just something about toddlers…

Making me alphabet soup.


Falling asleep right in the middle of eating lunch.AsleepAtLunch

Loving his Most Awesome Big Brother.Brothers

Learning to “do myself”.DoMyself

Getting into things he shouldn’t.floss
Trying to hide when it is time for a nap.Hiding

Following in daddy’s footsteps.MickeyCrocs

Spending all day playing with his “troopers”.troopers

General silliness.


Yes, I think this is my favorite age.  What do you think?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Me too, me too. 5 is another great one, but then again 7, 13, and 16 are turning out to be pretty sweet too! Why do they have to grow up and leave us? Good thing we have our retirement babies to lessen the sting. :)

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