Pinterest Win: Carpet Cleaner

pinterestwinFour children and three cats – you can bet that my carpet gets spots and stains.  And I have to tell  you, nothing skeeves me out more than a dirty, spotted carpet. So I needed something that was both cheap and effective and would help me keep the carpet looking fresh.  I went looking for a homemade carpet cleaner and I found a recipe that includes things I usually have in the house.  It is supposed to go in your carpet cleaning machine and we happen to have a big ol’ Bissel.  Perfect.  Here’s the link to the recipe: Homemade Carpet Cleaner

This area of our carpet gets a lot of spots.  Being right between the sofa and the ottoman, Pipsqueak spills his juice here on a regular basis.  It doesn’t even matter what he spills, it ends up leaving a spot.  Look, I even used arrows so you won’t miss the horror.  (It’s actually really hard to photograph carpet spots, by the way.)


So rather than leaving the carpet looking horrid until we get a professional in, we tried the homemade carpet cleaner with the Bissel.

Here is the same spot after being treated.CarpetAfter

I’d say it works well, don’t you?  Another one for the Pinterest Win file!


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • For spot cleaning without a machine I LOVE Folex. It has even gotten Sharpie out of light carpeting. You can buy it at Home Depot. White bottle with purple writing.

  • A home remedy in-between professional cleanings…just want every homeowner needs to know. Looking at your pictures, it is hard for me to tell it is even the same carpet. The “before” carpet looks off-white with gray specks and “after” looks like a gray/blue colored carpet. What color are your carpets?

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