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A Month of Instagram: October 2013
Disney Dream – ing
The Tastiest Foods at Disneyland
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A Month of Instagram: October 2013

How can it be the end of October already? Gah.

Oct 13

1.  Helping me decorate for Fall
2.  Just last week (at the time) we were on the Dream…
3.  Requirement for early morning Eagle Scout Projects
4.  Double cheesy Mickey cracker.
5.  Arr!  Me pirate!
6.  Found her Daddy’s tanker boots!
7.  Clara Curls, Trial 1: rag curls, slightly damp, no product
8.  Eyelash envy!
9.  Clara Curls,Trial 3: sponge rollers, damp hair and mousse
10.  Halloween friends
11.  My new Origami Owl necklace (birthstones of me, Phil and the kids)
12.  Clara Curl win!
13.  Harvest Snack Mix – equal parts M&Ms, peanuts and candy corn.  Display fallishly.
14.  Happy Birthday, Pipsqueak!

Did you actually read all the captions?  There are hints to Major Announcements next month!

Disney Dream – ing

Ok, I admit it.  Part of the reason blogging has been light around here is that we took off on a Disney Cruise at the end of September.  It was Disney Vacation Club members-only cruise on the Dream, with two stops at Castaway Cay and a day at sea.

Saying it was fun is an understatement.  To sum it up, I’ve been having to make my own bed and cook my own food since we got back and I’m very sad about that.  Boo had a blast in the teen clubs.  Pumpkin Girl critiqued all the dancing in the shows (nicely).  Crush (the turtle from “Finding Nemo”) nicknamed Bip “Niko”.  Pipsqueak wandered off with Stitch.  We snorkled with sting rays and sang “It’s a Small World” with Richard Sherman.  We got to preview “Toy Story of Terror” and see a presentation on the making of “Saving Mr. Banks”.  I think “amazing” might just cover it.


Castaway Cay

AquaDuck BooBirthday  BirthdayPinInnerTubeBoys InnerTubes SandCastle SplashZone WalkingOffWithStitchWaterTrikes


The Tastiest Foods at Disneyland

The Tastiest Foods in Disneyland

Disneyland food is not cheap, so if you’re going to be spending a lot of money, it better be worth it, right? People are always asking me about my favorite restaurants and food at Disneyland.  They’re not stopping me in the streets or anything, but if someone I know is planning a trip, they ask me about food.  Now, I’m not a foodie or a gourmet or anything fancy like that. I’m pretty easy to please, food wise.  So all that being said, these are my Disneyland food favorites.

1.  Mickey Bars, of course.  You can go for the ice cream dipped in chocolate or the ice cream sandwich, but both are shaped like Mickeys.  No trip to Disneyland (or Disney World or the Disney cruises) is complete without a Mickey Bar.

Mickey Barphoto courtesy of K!ngrum

2. Dole Whips.  If you haven’t had a Dole Whip, you really haven’t lived.  You can buy these at only one place in Disneyland, and that is at the Tiki Juice Bar at the entrance to the Enchanted Tiki Room.  You can stand in a long line outside the ride if you want.  But it is far better to go through the turnstyle to the shaded waiting area for the show.  You can order your Dole Whips from inside the waiting area, eat while you wait and *you can bring your treat into the show*.  Just be nice and throw your trash away on your way out.

Disneyland Dole Whip

3.  Kabobs at the Bengal BBQ.  This counter service restaurant is in Adventureland, approximately across from the Indiana Jones ride.   The kabobs are tasty and filling and not what you’d consider your average park fare.

Disneyland chicken skewers Bengal BBQ

4. Cream cheese filled pretzels.  You’ll either love these or hate them.  I happen to love them.  They are ooey-gooey, sweetness in a carb.  What’s not to love?  You can find them in a pretzel cart near Star Traders in Tomorrowland, across from the AstroBlaster ride, or in California Adventure, over by Goofy’s Sky School, in a little food hut.  You can also get plain, Mickey shaped pretzels, if that’s more your style.

5.  Churros.  Yes, you can get these anywhere now, even Costco and Sam’s Club for much cheaper and much bigger.  But they taste better at Disneyland.  Trust me on this.  I did extensive research, just for the blog.  See how much I love you?  Churro carts can be found all over Disneyland.

Disneyland churro

6.  Chicken sausage in a pretzel bun at the Village Haus in Fantasyland.  Mmmmm. Chicken sausage, pretzel bun, add some sauerkraut and mustard.  Almost good enough to make me wear leiderhosen and play an accordian.  Almost.


7. Monte Cristo sandwich at the Blue Bayou.  First off, this is our favorite resturant, in or out of Disneyland.  The atmosphere is amazing.  You are indoors (with air conditioning!), but it looks like you are actually outside, dining next to a Louisiana bayou. But the bayou is actually the water of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the boats are floating right by!

Blue Bayou Restaurantphoto courtesy of

 All of the food is good at the Blue Bayou but my favorite is the Monte Cristo sandwich.  The first time I ordered it, I thought I was getting a croque monsieur, which is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Turns out, I had the name wrong.  So when I got a ham, turkey and cheese sandwich, dipped in batter and fried, dusted with powdered sugar and served with jelly on the side…you can say I was a bit surprised.  And delighted!  It was delicious.  Don’t even think about the calories on this.  Think instead about how much exercise you’re getting walking around all day.  Oh, and you can also get this sandwich at Cafe Orleans.  Both restaurants are in New Orleans Square.

Monte Cristo sandwich at the Blue Bayou

8.  Clam chowder in a sour dough bowl at the Royal Street Verandah, New Orleans Square.  My mouth waters just thinking about this!  I haven’t actually had one in a long time, but hopefully they are as good as I remember.

clam chowder sourdough bread bowl Disneyland

 9. Anything at the Napa Rose in the Grand Californian Hotel in Downtown Disney (and connected to California Adventure).  My friend Shanti is a self-described food snob and this is her favorite restaurant in the Disneyland Resort. In her own words, Napa Rose has “good food, good wine, and really good service.”  They change the menu all the time, so she couldn’t tell me her favorite meal. She does say they are good with kids there, too.  We might just have to check it out soon.

So what do you think?  Did I miss your favorite Disneyland food?

Pumpkin Girl Designs Planner Pages

I never really meant to get into the planner page design business.  But you know, when opportunity knocks, open an Etsy store!  So here I am, unveiling my Pumpkin Girl Designs printable planner pages.  Woohoo!

The Weekly Pages are available in 2 sizes, 5.5 x 8 inches and 8.5 x 11 inches and they run from October 2013 through December 2014. Each week is on the right side of the planner with a To Do list on the right.

Weekly Planner includes

* 4 cover sheets – choose your favorite, print, and add your name and/or the year
* Predated weekly calendars (September 2013 through December 2014)
* To Do list to the left of the weekly page to help you keep track of all your many tasks
* Untitled, lined pages for notes
* Instructions for printing

Pages are designed to be printed back-to-back according to your own printer’s settings.  (You will need to cut you papers in half after printing to get a half sheet/junior size page.) A half inch margin is already set for you to allow spiral, three hole, or disc binding.

Cover Sheets Easy to Print

Half Sheet Open

(That picture only shows the half size as an example.  Full size pages also available.)

The Monthly Pages are available as a separate purchase and are also available in 5.5 x 8 inches and 8.5 x 11 inches.  They also run from October 2013 through December 2014.

Monthly Planner includes

* 4 cover sheets – choose your favorite, print, and add your name and/or the year
* Predated monthly calendars (September 2013 through December 2014)
* To Do list
* Untitled, lined pages for notes
* Instructions for printing

Pages are designed to be printed back-to-back according to your own printer’s settings. A half inch margin is already set for you to allow spiral, three hole, or disc binding.

monthly separateMy goal in creating these pages for myself was to make something simple but fun and functional – and hopefully you’ll love them, too.  I do plan to offer personal size pages for 2014, plus add-ons like meal planning pages.  Come check out my Etsy store here:  Pumpkin Girl Designs.

More Free Planner Pages!

Wow.  I did not intend to let a whole month go by without blogging.  I have been using all my computer time making planner pages to sell and setting up an Etsy shop.  But first, let me offer my *monthly undated* pages for free. You will need to add the name of the month and the dates yourself with rubber stamps or stickers or however you like.  I did write in the year for you, so I have some for both 2013 and 2014.  I am offering half size/junior pages (5.5 x 8 inches) and full size pages (8.5 x 11 inches).  This is in addition to the undated weekly pages I offered earlier.

Free 2014 Planner Pages

Since I have lots of pages and sizes I put them all in one convenient spot for you.

Planner Pages by Pumpkin Girl Designs

And tomorrow I will introduce you to my new Etsy shop where I have the pre-dated pages available for purchase!

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