If You Give a Mom a Call

If you give a mom a call asking her to bring her daughter into rehearsal half an hour early, she’ll probably offer to put her daughter’s hair in a bun for her to save time.

If she does her daughter’s bun and saves time, they will probably arrive at the ballet studio early.  Since they are there early, the mom will suggest they buy new shoes for the upcoming show.

While buying shoes for the upcoming show, she will pass by one of the studio windows and see that the Nutcracker Prince is there from out of town and she’ll decide to stay and watch rehearsals.

Since she’s staying to watch rehearsals, she’ll pop into the costume room to see if they need help.  And while she’s there, the Winter Fairy will come in needing alterations to her costume.  So mom will stay to make the alterations.

Then she’ll remember rehearsal.  She’ll put down the work, and go watch her daughter rehearse with the Nutcracker Prince.  When that rehearsal is finishing, she’ll remember the Winter Fairy and go back to the costume room.

As she’s finishing the Winter Fairy’s costume, she will hear the request for a pink leotard for one of the dancers.  So she’ll go into the storage room and find the pink leotard.  When looking for the pink leotard she’ll find one of her daughter’s costumes from when she was a tumbler in the Mother Ginger scene.

Thinking of the Mother Ginger scene will remind her that the Land of the Sweets rehearsal is going on.  She’ll go watch.

And the next thing she knows, it’s time to go home.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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