A Month of Instagram: November 2013

Yeah, I’m a little behind.


1.  Because nothing says “Birth of Christ” like a sparkly, light up pig.  In a Santa hat.
2.  20 years of service will tire a guy out.
3.  We’re getting close! (at the time)
4.  Two of my favorite men.
5. Starter kit!
6.  There was a ghost in my pork chop.
7.  Getting Five Guys after a long rehearsal.
8.  Out for a lunch date?  I found these two about a block from my house.
9.  Asleep standing up.
10.  Bliss
11.  What can I say? I love this girl!  (text says Follow Your Heart)
12. Just a few more days! (at the time).  (text says This Is the Year)
13.  Rainbow plates ready to serve pumpkin pie.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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