A Monster In the Hole of Your Jeans

A while ago a found a pin on Pinterest where someone repaired a hole in her son’s jeans by making a monster face out of it.  But she didn’t include any instructions.  Hmm. So I figured it out for myself and I even remembered to take pictures for a little tutorial.Monster Face Jean Repair

Ripped jeans
Fabric glue -I used Fabric-Tac, but use whatever you can find, just make sure it is washable.
Iron On patches
Felt scraps in red, white and black

I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  The Fabric-Tac is hard to find, look for it with the fabric paint.

First, cut away all the strings from around the hole. Turn the pants inside-out.


Cut a piece of red felt to be a little bigger than the hole.  I think mine was half an inch bigger, all the way around.  I didn’t measure.  I just laid my felt over the hole and drew lines with a pen, then cut it out.


I used an iron on patch to give the felt some stability because  I didn’t think that the felt would last very long on its own. Get an iron-on patch that is bigger than the felt.  The bigger, the better.

Read the instructions for your patch.  Lay your jeans on the ironing board, center the felt over the hole, then center the patch over the felt *adhesive side down.*  Remember that you are working on the inside of the jeans.Patch

Iron the patch onto the jeans and felt, according to the patch instructions.

Turn your jeans right side out.  Now you have a hole patched with red felt!  Cut out eyes from the white felt and pupil from the black felt.  I made my eyes different shapes to be silly.  Cut teeth from the white felt, too.  Position the face pieces however you like them.  Move them around until you get the look you want.

Monster Face

You’ll notice that there is sort of a flap where the jeans fabric overlaps the felt but is not adhered to it.  Position the teeth so that they are just under that flap.  Glue them in place with the fabric glue.  You may need a toothpick to push the teeth into place.  Stick some glue under that flap and glue it down, too.

Glue the eyes into place.

Allow to dry and cure before washing.

Sit back and admire the silliness.MonsterFace

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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