Red Robot for Pipsqueak

After a much needed blogging break, I am back and excited to share all the projects I’ve been accomplishing.  Every so often I need to rejuvenate by doing a little crafting.  And don’t worry, I will have both the May and June Christmas planning pages before June is over.

When your 3 year old asks you to make him a red robot (a red one, not a bluuuuue one), well, what can you do but comply? I mean, look at this cutie.  He’s got me totally wrapped around his finger.

I actually found a pattern to make a toy robot on Etsy.  The pattern is for a bluuue robot, but I’m pretty smart and bought red felt for the body instead.


He wasn’t hard to make, just time consuming with about a million pieces to trace, cut, sew and embroider.  The instructions called for an overhand stitch to sew the pieces together, but that never turns out well for me.  I learned to embroider from my aunt and my grandma one summer, and they taught me the importance of using small, neat stitches.  So I used the blanket stitch where ever I could.

Red Robot took about 2 weeks to put together, which seems  kind of  long. I spent 30 to 90 minutes working at a time and I didn’t work on him every day. So it really wasn’t that bad.

RedRobotI’m pretty happy with the way he turned out, but even more importantly, Pipsqueak loves him!

You can find the pattern here: Retro Robot

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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