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Almost 10

Language Arts assignment:  Use prepositions to describe where Tib (from Betsy-Tacy and Tib) lived.  Use your imagination.

Boo’s Answer: beside the Pentagon, along the freeway

Lived in DC long?

Catechism Question:  For what did Esau sell his birthright?

Boo’s Answer: Vegie Soup

Correct answer: Pottage, a kind of vegetable stew

Cub Scout Citizenship Belt Loop Requirement:  Develop a list of jobs you can do around the home.

Boo’s list included:  Widows

I think he meant windows.

A Note from Pumpkin Girl

“Dear Rebecca,

I miss you. I wish you would come back but your happy. (sigh) Tell me what heaven is like pleas. I bet it is great, full of never ending happynis and beuty and love. (sigh) Not like here, ugh. Some beuty, some happynis, some tears. I want to be with you. One of the worst things is mosketos (mosquitoes). Aghagah. I am running out of room (on the card) so…

Love, Pumpkin Girl”


(edited by me only for clarity)

My Pride and Joy

Says Boo this morning, “I’m getting so good at keeping my underwear clean that I only have to change it on bath nights!”

This is significant because the boy does not shower every day.

Sigh. That explains why his clean underwear is still in the laundry room, waiting to be folded and put away. I guess he didn’t need them.

Dancing with Machetes

So they’ve been at this ballet folklorico thing for a few months. The whole reason Boo agreed to try dance classes was because he remembered seeing a folklorico machete dance. He thought would be pretty OK. So he patiently waited to learn a machete dance. I told him that he should ask his teacher. But at the end of September, he came home all smiles, telling me how the new dance they are learning has…machetes! I don’t care what the experts might say, but there is something on the boy DNA that attracts them to weapons – and showing off their weapons. Because the story behind the machete dance is basically that the men working in the sugar cane fields are showing off their machete skills for the pretty senoritas.

And just for fun, here’s a folklorico dance with the machetes. Boo is a beginner, of course, so he doesn’t have all the fancy moves, just hitting them under and over his legs. He says dancing with machetes is pretty easy, “Just swish them around and try not to cut off your ear.” Good advice, Boo.

But that was before he whacked his sister in the ear while practicing.

(Be sure to watch the video through to the end, when the men pull their head bands over their eyes)

Kickin’ It

I just bought these totally kickin’ boots:


Pumpkin Girl says they make me look younger.  I love that girl.  I’m off to buy her a car.  Nah, she’s too young to drive.  I’ll just take her on another Disney Cruise.

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