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When we did the deck last Spring, we also had the front porch done.  I just forgot to mention it until now.  We had a faux stone treatment added and the old railing replaced with one that matches the deck railing.  Also extended the porch forward by about 2 feet, just enough to be able to use the porch without falling into the planter.  Speaking of which, someday will get that fixed, too.


M is for

Montgolfier Balloon

W-a-y back sometime around 1995, Philip and I visited the Air and Space Museum in San Diego. While we were there we saw a model – lifesize, maybe – of the Montgolfier balloon.

“Oh cool,” I said. “I like it!”

“I’ll buy it for you,” said Philip.

Did I mention that we were young and silly?

And you know what…a few years later we found a Montgolfier balloon for sale. Of course, Philip bought it for me.

It’s tin and was once filled with candy. It holds a special place in my heart because once upon a time, Philip promised to buy me the Montgolfier balloon. And he did.

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