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The Alphabet Project

H is for

Hat! Soccer hat, specifically.

I have actually managed to squeeze in a little knitting here and there. It took me 2 weeks, but I made a hat for Boo that matches his soccer uniform. He plays in a club that has the same uniforms every year, so no need to make him a new one every season.

Spring soccer in Colorado is a chilly affair. As I type it is 52 degrees and falling, and soccer practice is still an hour away. Last year we had a game canceled because the snow from earlier in the week had made the field too wet. I think that was in April.

I send the boys to their games and practices with hats, sweatshirts, and even gloves. I keep telling them that suffering breeds character.

This is another hat from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. Just a basic K2P2 rib for 2 inches, knit until it fits, decrease evenly and finish. I like to reference the book for the exact numbers to cast on based on the yarn I’m using, the needles I have available and my gauge.

G is for…


This one is Carcassonne.

Our family enjoys playing board/card games together. Candy Land, Settlers of Catan, Uno, Blink, Clue and Right, Left, Center are some of our favorites, along with Carcassonne. We just started playing Apples to Apples, too. We found a Disney edition for our RV trip and we all had fun with it. Oh, Disney Scene It, too. Pumpkin Girl and I are almost unbeatable on a team together with Disney Scene It.

We try make sure we play games for Bip’s age level as often as we play games for older children. He loves the Pooh Bear Uno game our Aunt Peggy gave him! When we play games that are a bit too old for him, we let him be on a “team” with someone else, usually a parent. That way he gets to play with the family and he’s also learning to play the game in question, too.

What are the games that your family enjoys?

Do you have a “G” picture? Post a link in the comments in this post! Haven’t joined me in the Alphabet Project yet? No worries, jump in any time.

F is for

Fake Flowers

Fake Gerbera daisies, 50% off at Michaels

I’m pretty happy with this picture because I put the camera on manual, set the aperture and got a narrow depth of field. All by myself! After repeating “small number, small depth of field” multiple times, I think I finally got it!

D is for

I totally forgot that Monday we were supposed to share our D pictures! Such a dork. So I should totally put a picture of me here, right?

Not so much. How about I give you a little preview of what our vacation was all about?

D is for Disney Cruise!

Isn’t this a great picture? I took this while riding a tender to Grand Cayman. Because of the coral reefs around the islands, cruise ships can’t dock. So they drop anchor and those going ashore ride little boats back and forth. Makes for beautiful pictures.

You know the deal – if you have a D picture, leave a link in the comments back to this post. Even if you haven’t participated yet, now is a good time to jump right in!

C is For


Mmmm! These are my favorite citrus fruits ever. They aren’t oranges, they are Honeybells. They are only available at the end of January and let me tell you, they are worth the wait.

We ordered a 22 pound box of Honeybells this year and we had no problem eating them all. We eat them while wearing the enclosed bibs (seriously) and with a bowl to catch all the juice.

If you have a “C” photo, leave me a comment in this post with a link to your picture. Flikr, Photobucket, another photosharing site or your own blog…whatever you’ve got. If you missed the last letter, just jump right in anyway!

B is for…


My photography isn’t getting any better yet. Though this picture was taken on one of my camera’s manual settings, instead of automatic, so at least I’m learning. And today was an overcast day so the lighting was bad.

We had these bookshelves built in our music room over the summer. They are a cluttered, jumbled mess right now for two reasons. First, because I really need some good bookends that will hold up a big line of heavy books. And second, they are holding refugee knickknacks from two other bookshelves that got moved from the living room into our master bedroom. Once I get those two situations remedied, they’ll be neat and tidy.

But aren’t they nice anyway? (click on the picture to see it larger – it’s much better that way) The music room is the first room you can see when you enter our house, so I wanted something with a lot of impact. They are nice and deep – I showed the builder my ginormous Sonlight binder and told him I needed shelves deep enough to fit it. The shelves are also really tall – 8 feet, if I remember correctly. Which is particularly funny when you know I’m only 5 feet tall. And I can reach, what do you think – about another foot over my head? So that leaves a good 2 feet of shelves I can’t reach. Gonna have to get a taller stool. Or a library ladder.

If you have a “B” photo, leave me a comment in this post with a link to your picture. Flikr, Photobucket, another photosharing site or your own blog…whatever you’ve got. If you missed the last letter, just jump right in anyway!

A is for Assignments

Here’s my first Alphabet Project photo – A is for Assignments.

It’s not that good of a picture. These are my children’s assignment baskets. Once upon a time they could hand me a completed assignment and I’d correct it and return it to them right away. With the arrival of Pipsqueak and Bip’s starting kindergarten, I just can’t get to correcting assignments very quickly. So I put two baskets in our bookshelves to hold all the math sheets and workbooks until I can get to them. It is so much better than having them sit on the kitchen table, getting moved from place to place, getting mixed in with the mail.

If you’d like to play along with my Alphabet Project, post your A picture to your blog, or Flikr, Photoshop or other photosharing site and post the link in my comments for today. You can write as little or as much as you’d like about it. Oh yeah, putting a link in my comments will most likely send it into my moderation queue, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. I’ll find it and approve it.

PS. We had a bit of an unusual week last week, with snowshoeing and moving furniture and getting ready for guests, so I wasn’t able to blog at all. But it was all worth telling you about, so I’ll try to make up for it this week.

The Alphabet Project

Here’s my plan. Every two weeks for the rest of the year I will take one picture that represents a pre-scheduled letter of the alphabet. I’ll post the pictures here on my blog.

If you’d like to join me, I’m posting the schedule. My main objective is just to have fun with this. A side point is that I’d like to improve my photography skills, which up until now are “point, shoot, and Photoshop.” Whether I’ll actually get better remains to be seen since I don’t have time to take an actual photography class. I’m trying to find good resources on the internet, but Pipsqueak is pretty attached to me. Literally, sometimes. Makes it hard to research.

Ok, so here’s my schedule.

Jan 10 A
Jan 24 B
Feb 7 C
Feb 21 D
Mar 7 E
Mar 21 F
Apr 4 G
Apr 18 H
May 2 I
May 16 J
May 30 K
Jun 13 L
Jun 27 M
Jul 5 N
Jul 18 O
Aug 1 P
Aug 15 Q
Aug 29 R
Sep 12 S
Sep 26 T
Oct 10 U
Oct 24 V
Nov 7 W
Nov 21 X
Dec 5 Y
Dec 19 Z

Those are the dates I’ll post my pictures. You post yours, too. Or upload to Flikr or Photobucket. Then put the link in my comments. It’ll be more fun if several people participate, so don’t let me down!

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