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Final Batch

Well, final batch for now.

This little cupcake really isn’t so little, but it’s tasty looking and really cute!

I used good ol’ Red Heart Super Saver white for the cake and Berrocco Plush for the frosting. The pattern is available here for free: Cupcake.  I made some changes to the original pattern, but my notes are downstairs and I’m too lazy to go get them.  If you’re interested, let me know in the comments and I’ll post them. (The cupcake is knit, not crochet.)

Next up is a strawberry ice cream cone!

Another free pattern from the same designer as the cupcake:  Ice Cream Cone. It’s important to note that there is no hook size listed, but I ended up using a G.  If you’re going to make this, I suggest getting the Starbucks sample cup that goes in the base first so you can check the size of the cone as you go.  I had to add more height to my cone to make it fit.   I don’t think I even wrote down what I did exactly, but if you need help, let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

And continuing with our theme of pink  food, here is a frosted donut.  Mmm…donut!

Another free pattern, of course:  Donut. It’s supposed to be a pincushion, but I left off the sprinkles/pins so it can be a toy instead.  Maybe I’ll make myself one for my sewing basket.

One more from the designer of the ice cream cone and cupcake, it’s a Bakewell Tart.

I’d never heard of a Bakewell Tart, but it was too cute not to make.  Here’s the pattern (scroll down past the kitties):  Crochet Bakewell Tart. And click over here to find out all about these little goodies:  Bakewell Tart.  No modifications on this one.  It did have to wait a while to be stuffed while I figured out what to use on the bottom to give it structure.  In the end I used a clean fast-food drink lid, cut down to size.  I also taped over the straw slit so it wouldn’t be an issue later.  Oh wait!  I didn’t use a button for the cherry (?) on top.  Instead I crocheted 4 single crochets in a loop and sewed it to the top before stuffing.

Ok, so that does it for now on my toy food.  Quick, easy and portable plus using cheap yarn makes them affordable and gives you a ton of left-over yarn for the inevitable requests that you make them for friends.   Personally, I love the instant gratification that comes from a finished product after only a couple hours of work.  As opposed to that sock that stares at me accusingly from its’ project bag.

The rest of my craft projects can be found under the category Getting Crafty.  That’ll give you the first part of each post.  To read the whole thing and see the pictures, just click the title of each post.

More Tasty Treats

I just can’t seem to stop making these tasty treats!  Do you think it counts as my daily dose of fiber?

First up – a lopsided apple.  I don’t know why it’s lopsided, but Bip doesn’t seem to notice and he’s the one who asked me to make it.

And now, some cherry tomatoes on the vine –

These were requested by Pumpkin Girl who eats cherry tomatoes like chips.

Now for the far less healthy food. Like an ice cream sandwich –

Yum!! Ice cream sandwiches are like my most favorite things ever.  Too bad I’m lactose intolerant.

I’m also a fan of chocolate cake.

In real life, this is about the biggest, fattest, tastiest looking piece of cake you could wish for.

These projects came from the book Tasty Crochet.  Love this book!! Out of 33 patterns, I want to make 32 of them, which is pretty rare for any kind of pattern or craft book.  At least for me.  You just need basic crochet skills and there is a small glossary in the back if you’re like me and can’t remember how to double crochet from one project to the next.  The crochet instructions are clear, though a couple of times the assembly instructions made me scratch my head.  But if you look at the picture of the finished project, you can figure out what to do.

Quick Crochet Projects

We finally got our a/c units put in last week.  What a difference!  We put a spot cooling a/c into each of the upstairs bedrooms and they each have their own remotes to control temperature and fan settings.   The bedrooms are now comfortable retreats while the rest of the house is easily cooled by ceiling fans and open windows.

I’m not doing much blogging lately because with the warmer weather and my growing belly, my feet start to swell if I sit too long without propping them up.  Nothing to worry about, just need to keep them up.  So I’ve actually gotten more fiber crafting done lately.  I dug through my patterns and cheap, acrylic yarn and made a bunch of little projects.

These little guys are kitchen scrubbies, made with the cheapest, scratchiest acrylic yarn I had.   Nothing wrong with inexpensive, acrylic – it can be wonderfully soft and easy to care for,  but normally I only use the extra-cheap stuff for kids crafts.  And when it comes to dish scrubbies, the cheaper and scratchier, the better.  These are really easy to make and they work great at scrubbing the dishes.  The pattern is free and can be found here: Spiral Scrubbies.

I also made these tasty treats –

Oreo Cookies!!! At first glance these actually look real and then you feel let down because they are just yarn.  Good thing there aren’t any real Oreo’s in the cupboard or the fake ones could incite a riot of Oreo bingeing.  But they are incredibly easy and fast to make, too.  I used whatever white acrylic yarn I had stashed away but I had to go out and buy the brown.  I went to Michaels because I kept seeing or hearing ads about their new, expanded yarn department.  Well, apparently by “new and expanded” they mean “greatly reduced, with many of their long-time brands, colors and yarn weights gone.”  Not impressed at all.  I did however, find the brown I needed, so all was not lost.  At least I no longer need to travel to a different state to get to my closest Michaels.

Anyway, back to the crochet cookies.  That pattern is also free and can be found here:  Crochet Oreo Cookies.

I’ve got other tasty treats that are mostly finished, but are waiting for the perfect plastic base and/or to be stuffed.  The fiberfill is w-a-y down in the basement, so hopefully I can make it down there soon.  I’ll post pictures when I finally do finish.

More Projects

Did I mention that our computer wasn’t working?  Well, it got fixed.  Then I did something to it and it’s not working again.  This time it may be fatal.  Apparently, I should not be allowed to touch the technology.

I was going to tell you all about this year’s Pinewood and Powder Puff Derby, but I have pictures and guess where they are?  Yep, the computer.  The good news is, they are not lost forever because we back up our computer daily using an online service.  I just can’t get to them until we restore the files back.

But I can show you my latest craft projects.  I finished several things that have been almost done for a number of months.  The first one is this teddy bear which I made for the Mother Bear Project.

I got the pattern from Knitting For Peace.  Normally, a title like that would cause a knee jerk reaction from me.  I’m allergic to “peace” causes.  There’s a whole lot that needs to be done to achieve peace and knitting isn’t one of them.  However, I saw this little bear on someone else’s blog and she mentioned the book, so I bought it.  I’m really glad that I did.  It’s filled with lots of great projects to make for others in need.  Most of the patterns can be found for free on the internet, but the stories in the book are well worth reading.  The one about the Mother Bear Project brought me to tears.  And so a bear was born, or er, knit.  Be sure to check out the Mother Bear Project website, especially their Photo Album.

Then I finished my snowman’s scarf:

And I crocheted a chicken pot pie holder.  Too funny!

Baby Hat

I took a break from knitting to finish up a crocheted baby hat.  This is for the same friend that I made the duck bootees for.  Here it is, being modeled by Pumpkin the Doll who is about the size of a 8 or 9 month old baby.

Pumpkin wasn’t cooperating and wouldn’t lean forward so you can get the whole affect.  It’s an aviator cap with a bill that is flipped up and tacked into place.  Oh wait, here’s the book the pattern is in.  Now you can see it better.

That baby on the cover totally sold the book for me!  I made the same hat for Bip a couple of years ago.  It’s a really fast and easy project, took me two nights to finish it, not including the time waiting for a second ball of yarn to arrive in the mail.  I started the second hat with leftovers from the first hat and ran out halfway through.   I just found out that one of my cousin’s is going to have a baby boy, so I think another one of these hats in order.

Projects Started and Completed

My lace shawl (which I won’t show quite yet) is taking longer than I’d hoped.  I’ve  knitted (knit?) 1 skein and now have 4 to go.  I had to take a break and do something else or I’m likely to put it away and never finish it.  So I went poking around the house and wouldn’t you know it – I do indeed have a yarn stash.  And I was trying so hard not to buy yarn until I was ready to start a project.  Hmph.  At least it’s a small stash and fits mostly into one Rubbermaid bin.

I found an easy crochet pattern and whipped up this little bag in a couple of days.


I used all cotton yarn, the same stuff I used for Bip’s hat, but because it’s crocheted, it feels much stronger.   The pattern couldn’t be easier and  it’s worked from the bottom up, so the ball of yarn can sit in the bag as it grows.

When I finished the bag, I still wasn’t ready to go back to the shawl.  So I started another big 4 skein project – Clapotis.   It’s a sort of shawl-scarf thing.  Like most of my knitting projects, I started this one mulitple times before I got it right.  I think I restarted this one 5 times.  Argh.  But it’s coming along nicely now.


I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shephard Worsted in Watercolor, instead of Lion and Lamb like the pattern calls for.  This project is for me to keep and L&L is a bit too expensive to spend on myself. Now I’ve got two big projects going – I predict they’ll take me 10 months of alternating between the two to finish.

A shawl for Lindsey

The crochet project that I was working on but keeping quiet about was a prayer shawl. I made it for a young lady named Lindsey who has been battling a very aggressive form of cancer. She was in college when the cancer was discovered and over the last year has been through surgeries, chemo, radiation… the whole gamut. Her father is a regular on the Sonlight forum and he recently added her picture to his signature. When I saw her picture, I felt very compelled to do something for her. I had recently read an article about prayer shawls and did a google search for more information and patterns.

Prayer Shawl Ministries
Prayers Shawl Pattern(knit)
Prayer Shawl Pattern(crochet)

So I made a shawl for Lindsey. I know a shawl may be a strange gift for a young college girl, but I hope that she will gain some comfort and strength in knowing that there are people all over the world praying for her. It is called a prayer shawl because while it is being created, you are praying for the recipient. I also prayed that I would discover what God wanted me to learn from the whole experience. I believe he wanted me to learn the same things I am trying to teach my son – work worth doing is worth doing right. Taking your time and working carefully takes less time than working quickly and having to do it all over again. What matters most is not acheiving perfection, but doing your very best. In the end this is what I created:


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