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A Month of Instagram: January 2014
A Month of Instagram: November 2013
A Month of Instagram: August ’13
A Month of Instagram July ’13
A Month of Instagram – June

A Month of Instagram: January 2014

It was a cold month.

A Month of Instagram1.  New Year’s morning tradition: Eggnog Puffed Pancake
2.  I hung Becca’s rainbow fairy mobile in my new craft room
3.  70 degree difference between us and Disneyland
4.  Dinner is happy to see us (pancakes made on Phil’s new griddle)
5.  Someone made off with my new Ikea trash baskets
6.  LTC Freeze (front and center with the green scarf) has amassed his army.
7.  Asleep with his weapon – a Marine in the making?
8.  I don’t know how his hair does this. My grandpa would have said he has wavy hair…because it stands up and waves.
9.  Forecast high of 61…my boys wear shorts.
10.  Furby play date on my bed.
11.  Boo built me this chair for my craft room. I heart him.
12.  Building lockets with my daughter.
13.  Not quite “light snow”. #ilovewinter #ilovecolorado
14.  Malibu light wishing it was in Malibu.

A Month of Instagram: November 2013

Yeah, I’m a little behind.


1.  Because nothing says “Birth of Christ” like a sparkly, light up pig.  In a Santa hat.
2.  20 years of service will tire a guy out.
3.  We’re getting close! (at the time)
4.  Two of my favorite men.
5. Starter kit!
6.  There was a ghost in my pork chop.
7.  Getting Five Guys after a long rehearsal.
8.  Out for a lunch date?  I found these two about a block from my house.
9.  Asleep standing up.
10.  Bliss
11.  What can I say? I love this girl!  (text says Follow Your Heart)
12. Just a few more days! (at the time).  (text says This Is the Year)
13.  Rainbow plates ready to serve pumpkin pie.

A Month of Instagram: August ’13

Whew, a busy week to end a busy month.  We are back to school, but here is a look back at August through my iphone camera.


1. A good hair day.
2. Saying goodbye to our favorite soda shop.
3. First tomato
4.  Doesn’t it look yum?
5.  Asian store haul
6. Our Cat of the Month Club subscription is coming along nicely.
7.  Helping to bake a cake.
8.  Supervising the cooling cakes.
9. Scarf made by Nana.
10.  One of these things is not like the other.
11.  Opening birthday cards.
12.  He had a Man Cold and the rest of us were his servants.
13.  Escaping from nap time with my exercise ball.
14.  Something new for our shop – a double sided pendant.

A Month of Instagram July ’13

sm July numbers

1. Patriotic ice cream sandwiches
2. Making coffee and donuts for Boo
3. Getting free Slurpees from 7-11 on 7-11
4. Fun at the library
5. What can I say?  “They’re brother and sister and best friends as well…”
6. Fun in the pool, Pipsqueak had moved on to snack time
7. Pumpkin Girl moved up a level in ballet and is now a blue girl!
8. Librarian mom is not amused
9. My blue mason jar, blue Cuppow lid and Endurance stainless steel straw
10. When Disney buys Star Wars…
11. Everyone needs a minion
12. Hedwig is all ready for Operation Christmas Child
13. The Waldo Canyon burn scar as seen from our dentist’s office
14. Somebody is missing Disneyland

A Month of Instagram – June

June Collage 2

1.  I guess the box was better than the toy inside.

2. and 3.  First s’mores of the season

4.  Playing Mr. Potato Head with daddy

5.  Selfie with baby.  No duck lips.

6. Mr Potato is all set for Disneyland

7.  Helping Boo do pushups

8.  What kind of person would draw a mustache on the baby?!?

9.  Bip and Pipsqueak watching videos in Bip’s iPad nook.

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