Did I Mention We’re Moving?

We’re having a Heat Wave.  It’s really hot here, as you may have seen on the news.  I haven’t mentioned it before, because then I’d have to think about it and I’d like to remain in my air conditioned denial.  Yesterday when I checked the weather in Colorado Springs, it was 43 degrees cooler there.  Forty-three degrees.  That’s so wrong, there ought to be a law.  But we’ll be there soon enough.  I’m certain my arrival will set off the hottest summer on record.

So yes, we’re moving and our time in the Army is coming to an end.  My husband found out that once he had his retirement physical, he was not allowed to take anymore PT tests.  He thought he had one last one coming up, but no, the Army is afraid he’ll hurt himself during that last test and would owe him more disability.  So no more PT tests.  He can now let himself get fat and flabby like the rest of us.

It dawned on me last week that even though we will not leave DC until the first week in July, that our packers will come the 3rd week of June.  That’s a whole two weeks earlier than I was mentally prepared for.  I’d like to say that I’m ready, but I’m not.  I will probably stay in denial again, until the weekend before packing out.  At which point I will run around like a crazy woman, trying to get things done.  Should be fun.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Wow, so is this an ETS or PCS?

    My Grandma has been living in the Springs for almost 40 years, and lives on the North side of Academy Blvd. I really like that side of town much more than the Carson side (where I have an Uncle living there for the past three years). But I like the older style homes more than this new stuff. I just find them more open and more mature spaces.

    Are you from that area? I’ve wanted to go there…but it’s never an option for us…which always makes me so sad. So that’s very exciting for you indeed!

  • Is there any other way to move? Why waste all that precious time presorting when you could be spending it with good friends knitting? There will time enough for that when you are in the cool Colorado Springs. (I tell everyone this, so then when I do it I don’t look so bad. All of you organized movers make me look bad) :)

  • First time to you delightful blog…love the pics…

    happy moving!!!! can’t believe you would ever want to leave this rainy, cold neck of the woods , i live in arlington…close enough for mac & cheese :)

    blessing shelia

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